Genevieve Girard

Geneviève Girard

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From a little country girl to a master's student in public administration at ÉNAP, Geneviève's adventure began at the age of 5, when she created her first birdhouse business in the space of a summer.

Then, in the 6th year, Geneviève set up a student newspaper and became editor-in-chief. At 15, she began looking for sponsors for her first fundraising campaign. At 19, she took part in her first political convention and campaigned for regional development. As soon as she finished her baccalaureate, she became involved as a secretary in a board and became its president the following year. At 26, Geneviève landed the ideal job that would allow her to be in contact with young entrepreneurs motivated to change society and promote regional economic development.

Through all these projects, Geneviève takes the time to travel the roads of Quebec to discover the companies hidden there. A fan of agrotourism and culinary discoveries, she is an assiduous client of various public markets. Buying local is an opportunity for Geneviève to deploy Quebec entrepreneurship and make exciting discoveries.

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