Bar and cocktails

Discover our “Bar and cocktails” section for flavors that will awaken your creative mixology spirit. This category offers a variety of local products, perfect for creating unique cocktails or enjoying neat. Whether you are a professional bartender or a cocktail lover at home, our selections are designed to inspire and add a Quebec touch to your creations. Savor innovation and quality in every sip.


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Cocktail bomb boxCocktail bomb box
Cocktail bomb box Sale price$29.99
Cocktail bombs - Sangria ReàlCocktail bombs - Sangria Reàl
Cocktail bombs - WatermelonCocktail bombs - Watermelon
Cocktail bombs - ShamanCocktail bombs - Shaman
Cocktail bombs - Pineapple & coconutCocktail bombs - Pineapple & coconut
Cocktail bombs - Cucumber & limeCocktail bombs - Cucumber & lime
Cocktail bombs - Blood orange & rosemaryCocktail bombs - Blood orange & rosemary
Hot chocolate bomb boxHot chocolate bomb box
Cocktail bombs - Espresso martiniCocktail bombs - Espresso martini
Cocktail kit - DeluxeCocktail kit - Deluxe
Discovery kit - Mini cocktail syrupDiscovery kit - Mini cocktail syrup
Mini cocktail syrup kit - Ambrée CollectionMini cocktail syrup kit - Ambrée Collection
Cola syrupCola syrup
Cola syrup Sale price$25.00
Honey safe syrupHoney safe syrup
Honey safe syrup Sale price$25.00
Ginger ale and hops syrupGinger ale and hops syrup
Spritz syrupSpritz syrup
Spritz syrup Sale price$25.00
Homemade tonic syrupHomemade tonic syrup
Wild blueberry syrup
Raspberry syrup
Sold out
Wild blueberry sparkling with lemon & mint
Clos of applesClos of apples
Sparkling apple must
Sparkling Apple and CherriesSparkling Apple and Cherries
Sparkling Apple and RhubarbSparkling Apple and Rhubarb
THE SUBLIME gift box
Preparation for Arranged Rum: Apple, banana and cinnamon
Preparation for Arranged Rum: Mango, Coffee and Vanilla
Preparation for Arranged Rum: Apple, Cranberry and Cinnamon
Preparation for Arranged Rum: Apricots and Hazelnuts
Preparation for Arranged Rum: Mango, Pineapple and Rose Flower
Preparation for Arranged Rum: Mango, Pineapple, Cinnamon and Hibiscus
Box of cocktail bombs - ChristmasBox of cocktail bombs - Christmas
Color Changing Hot Chocolate BombsColor Changing Hot Chocolate Bombs
Sold out
Box of cocktail bombs - ClassicsBox of cocktail bombs - Classics
Box of cocktail bombs - The adorableBox of cocktail bombs - The adorable
Cocktail BombsCocktail Bombs
Birch syrup
Elderflower syrup
Artisanal fir syrup
Kamouraska wild rose syrup
Save $2.24
Syrup - Lime and Pepper
Save $5.24
Syrup - Sea buckthorn
Sold out
Syrup - Strawberry and Sichuan
Sold out
Syrup - Chile and Tonka
Save $2.24
Syrup - Coffee and Cardamom
Save $2.24
Syrup - Cocoa and Beetroot
Save $2.24
Shrub - Grapefruit

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Julie C. (client since 2023)

Set 5 to 7 - with gift box

Second time I have done business with Signé Local for corporate gifts and certainly not the last time. Great variety of products and great service!

Ensemble cadeau Découverte du Québec

Anne-Sophie L. (client since 2022)

Discovery of Quebec set - with gift box

I am impressed by the diversity and quality of the products in the gift sets. It has become my go-to for authentic, local gifts.

Ensemble cadeau culinaire Le Chef

Isabelle D. (client since 2022)

Le Chef set - with gift box

Every year, I offer gift sets from Signé Local and each time, it is a renewed pleasure for my loved ones. Quality and originality are there.

Martine S. (client since 2022)

Prestige set - with gift box

The package had a WOW effect on the person it was intended for :)

Ensemble cadeau Découverte du Québec

François R. (customer since 2023)

Discovery of Quebec set - with gift box

I was looking for special, local gifts, and the sets from Signé Local exceeded all my expectations. Well done!

Ensemble cadeau Gourmand

Marie-Claude T. (customer since 2023)

Gourmet Set - with gift box

Each product had its unique charm and was the pride of Quebec.


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