The best hostess gift ideas 2023

cadeaux d'hôtes

Holiday receptions will soon be in full swing and you want to be out of the ordinary when you thank your hosts? This year, think local and introduce unique products to those who invite you to their table.

Discover ten local gift ideas to give to your hosts.

1- Preparation for arranged rum

The Sublime - $29.99

Sublime offers easy-to-use mixed rum preparations. A gift that will definitely stand out and hopefully bring some warmth to your holiday dinner. Several varieties are offered to satisfy all tastes.

preparation for rum arranged the sublime

2- Gourmet Set

Signed Local - $50.99

This set is the ideal host gift for foodies and those who like to feast. He will introduce them to delicious new products to eat: an apple clos from the Cidrerie du Minot, a fleur de sel caramel from La Lichée, a goose rillettes from the Québec-Oies farm, a pepper spread and onion from La Cuisine by Marie-Ève ​​Langlois, caramel & cheddar popcorn from Caramels FAA and a fleur de sel caramel chocolate fondue from Les Aliments Hotches.

gourmet set local sign

3- Discovery box

white by red - $64.49

This box lives up to its name perfectly, because it will introduce four maple-based products: a maple and Dijon mustard vinaigrette, an organic and 100% pure maple butter, a maple and chili pepper jelly, as well as a maple onion confit.

white discovery box by red

4- Pure organic maple syrup - Chemin Verdon, Mirabel

Our Cabins - $19.25

Who doesn't love maple syrup? For 5 generations, this syrup has been produced in the Basses-Laurentides using the most ecological practices. Having won a gold medal in 2018 by the Commanderie de l'érable, its taste has vanilla connotations and great finesse will please the person who tastes it.

maple syrup our cabins

5- Trivet

Confetti Mill – $30.00

The essential accessory for gourmet evenings with friends, Confetti Mill trivets will keep your hands and your table safe from burns while being a beautiful decorative addition to your kitchen. Available in four colors, there is an option for everyone.

confetti mill trivet

6- Trio of foie gras mousses

Ferme Québec-Oies - $52.00

The best way to discover and compare 3 flavors of excellent goose foie gras mousse.

trio of foie gras mousses

7- Box of cocktail bombs - Classics

Cocktail Bomb Shop – $29.95

For people who love specialty cocktails, the Cocktail Bomb Shop Cocktail Bomb Set is the perfect gift. Add a dramatic effect to a loved one's mixology evenings.

bomb shop cocktail discovery box

8 – Discovery kitchen box

Food Pencil – $39.95

This trio box composed of 3 flavors of sharp spices will enhance all dishes. Easy to use, simply sprinkle 8 to 10 shavings on a plate to add an intense and delicious flavor to a dish. They bring innovation and fun.

Find in this box 3 spice pencils with a sharpener in the following flavors: lemon, basil and tomato and thyme

food pencil discovery box

And if that's not enough, visit our online store for more choices of gifts made in Quebec!

Happy Holidays!

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