375th of Montreal: Celebrating Montreal with pride!

Montréal 375e

In 1642, the small colony of Ville-Marie was probably unaware that it would become the largest French-speaking city in America and that so many historical, cultural and sporting events would take place there. 375 years later, Montreal is the author of many good memories for many Quebecers.

Whether it's because she gave birth to a personality that inspires us, because a landmark show took place in one of her performance halls, because she allowed us to meet a friend, because her rides at La Ronde made us experience strong emotions, that it allowed us to experience a great family getaway, that it produced our favorite TV show, that our favorite sports team plays on its land or because it gave birth to a human being, a festival or an anecdote that is dear to us. We all probably have one (or more!) good reason to celebrate the city of Montreal with pride.

Since the beginning of 2017, a host of events have been organized to mark the city's anniversary, and this will continue until next December. Obviously, these special activities are perfect opportunities to celebrate the city, but beyond that, it is also possible to show your love for Montreal by encouraging the city's merchants, or by purchasing local items that integrate the emblems of Montreal to their products.

For the occasion, here are local companies offering objects inspired by what used to be called Ville-Marie.

Montreal at the table

1642 soft drinks

Founded in 2015, 1642 Sodas is a Montreal company that produces sodas (cola, tonic, ginger) made from Quebec ingredients. To celebrate the city's 375th anniversary, the company decided to bottle 1642 Tonic , made with natural spring water from the Appalachian Mountains, cane sugar, natural spruce flavors, citric acid and carbon dioxide.

montreal sodas

Credit: 1642 sodas

(Available at the Signé Local store in Dix30)


For gin lovers, Cirka Distilleries has also created a drink in honor of Montreal: gin 375. Available in limited edition, this 40% alcohol product contains cranberries, cherries, rose petals , honey and mint. Tasty drinks to celebrate a tasty city!

Cirka gin 375

Credit: Cirka

Honey MTL

Miel MTL , which was also created in 2015, is a company whose mission is to benefit the City of Montreal as well as citizens, neighborhoods, bees, local businesses and the ecosystem. With its neighborhood series, Miel MTL offers bee products made from raw honey from several regions of Montreal . Miel de NDG, Miel de St-Bruno, Miel de Westmont, Miel de Fôret and Miel de Centre-Vill e exist: it's up to you to choose the borough you want to taste.

Honey Montreal

Montreal at home


The Olympic Stadium, the Biosphere, Farine Five Roses, the Van Horne Water Tower and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge are featured in Fotofibre 's Emblème Montréal collection, in which the photographic work of Eve-Marie Beauchemin highlights showcase these Montreal icons through a series of cushions, pouches and coasters. The Henri-Bourassa, Beaudry, Namur, Côte-Saint-Catherine, Jarry, Lionel-Groulx, Pie IX and Plamondon metro stations also have cushions bearing their image.

Homemade flower and Darveelicious

For a little Montreal touch in the decoration of your home, Fleur Maison and Illustrations Darveelicious offer magnificent posters bearing the image of the city's major emblems. For example, in both cases, the companies put the image of the mythical Olympic Stadium on card stock. Darveelicious also offers birthday cards, postcards, travel mugs, cell phone cases, sweaters, cushions, bags, clocks, shower curtains and a multitude of other items in the image of the metropolis as part of its Love/Hate series.

montreal poster

Credit: Flower House

(Available at the Signé Local store in Dix30)

Montreal with the family

Through the many events organized on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal, several activities are designed to please the whole family, however, for those who wish to celebrate Montreal in the comfort of their own home, there are also other options.

Jules my bubble fish

For example, Jules my bubble fish has created a memory game that knows how to entertain young and old. With twenty wooden pieces on which are printed ten Montreal icons, this memory game allows children to learn more about Montreal and opens the door to a historical dialogue with parents.

(Available at the Signé Local store in Dix30)


Hugo Didier, not made in China

Whether at home, at school or in the office, what could be better than a "made in Montreal" mug to show off your love for the metropolis? Luckily, Hugo Didier had the brilliant idea of ​​creating this handmade porcelain mug fired at high temperature, microwave and dishwasher safe. We bet coffees, teas, water and juices will taste better in this cup!

Credit: Hugo Didier

Toma Objects

Montreal design studio, Toma Objects , has created an entire collection in honor of Montreal. Through posters, placemats, glasses, laminated coasters, travel bags, microfiber cloths and t-shirts, the metropolis is celebrated with pride. My big favourite: the "I'm from Montreal" t-shirt on which a little guy wears an orange cone as a hat... Since we have to admit: the construction and its many cones are becoming more and more emblematic of the city of Montreal.

montreal sweater

Credit: Toma Objects

Happy birthday, Montreal. Long live the memories you give birth to!

To see the events organized on the occasion of the 375th anniversary , visit the official website .

Reviewed by Maud Duchesne

Cover: Darveelicious

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