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5 conseils pour prolonger la vie de ses vêtements

What could be more frustrating than choosing your clothes carefully and damaging them after just a few washes? How you care for your clothes will have an impact on their lifespan. Some fabrics wear out much faster, so special care should be taken when cleaning them. In order to keep your clothes longer and avoid buying too many of them regularly, it is important to take care of them. Here are some tips that you can easily apply to prolong the life of your clothes.

1. Use dryer balls

Dryer balls are small balls made of 100% natural wool that you put in the dryer to reduce static. They reduce drying time and replace fabric softener sheets. It is an ecological alternative in addition to being softer on the fabric. If you wish, you can also add drops of essential oils to the balls before putting them in the dryer to impregnate your laundry with a good smell.

2. Use a clothes razor

A razor for clothes? Yes yes! With this tool, your woolen sweaters will never have little lint again. This razor, which you can find second-hand on Kijiji or in big box stores, will help restore a youthful shine to all your woolen clothes. You just have to slide it over your piece of laundry very gently. The machine is not too noisy, you can even listen to your favorite series at the same time!

Credit: So Maison

Credit: So Maison

3. Take the time to read labels

Each piece of clothing is composed differently and requires maintenance specific to its material. It is worth taking a few minutes to check the type of maintenance to be done and to fully understand its label. It'll probably save some damage to your favorite piece of clothing, like a wool sweater that gets shorter in the dryer.

Credit: Chez Mademoiselle

Credit: Chez Mademoiselle

4. Use fabric-friendly products

The big brands of detergent often contain polluting agents as well as solvents and perfumes which are harmful both for the environment, for our health, but also for the fabrics. Several Quebec companies offer much more natural alternatives. Also, be sure not to overuse detergents when doing a load because the liquid could build up in the fabric and damage the garment.

5. Use the right water temperature

It is obvious that the ideal is to wash clothes in cold water, since it consumes less energy and it cleans just as well. However, some clothes need to be washed in hotter water, such as underwear or sheets, since hot water kills bacteria more effectively. The ideal temperature is often identified on the label, you just have to trust it.

Happy washing! Feel free to share your tips for taking care of your clothes in the comments.

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