5 local products to try for your cocooning days

5 produits locaux à essayer pour vos journées de cocooning_fays

2020 has been a difficult year for many people. Our ability to adapt has been tested time and time again. At the start of 2021, let's give ourselves a little peace and pleasure. Take advantage of the cold January days to stay warm in the comfort of your own home. Winter is the perfect season for cocooning.

Here are 5 local products to try during these days when comfort is king.

Beauty mask

Cosmetic products are an essential for your self-care days. Cocooning love's green mask deeply cleanses the skin and rids it of impurities. Composed of clay and oats, this beauty mask purifies the skin. It is ideal for you if you have combination, oily or acne-prone skin. It helps tighten pores and promotes healing.

Pssstt: you can even use it on the hair. It is possible to mix the powder with hydrosols of your choice to add therapeutic properties. For example, chamomile is anti-inflammatory, rosemary is astringent and revitalizes the skin, and rose is soothing and prized for its anti-wrinkle properties.

Apply this mask while taking a bath or sipping a hot drink.

Bubble bath

The spas being closed, make your own spa at home. Light a few candles, dim the lights and put on some soft music. To accompany your experience, use a bubble bath with essential oils.

If you have a head full of ideas and want to clear your mind, opt for the effervescent bubble bath with lavender and Indian verbena from Tonic Mtl. It will help you relax while softening your skin.

If you have the onset of a cold or a stuffy nose, opt for the eucalyptus bubble bath . The latter liquefies the mucus and promotes the decongestion of the respiratory tract.

A comforting hot chocolate

This day wouldn't be the same without a spiced hot chocolate . With the chocolate bombs from Fays Terroir Chocolaté, you will have a tasty hot chocolate in a few minutes.

Sip your chocolate drink while watching the snow storm or while relaxing in your lavender bath. The company also offers other chocolate treats that look quite scrumptious.

A travel magazine

What better way to plan your next trip in this slightly quieter period? The Nomade magazine will take you on a journey through images. This magazine is filled with breathtaking landscape photos. It covers all seasons and several travel destinations in Canada and around the world. It also contains advice on several destinations and entertaining travel adventures.

A comforting meal

A real day of cocooning wouldn't be one without a comforting meal. You do not want to prepare something? Take a break from cooking and opt for a soup fromPots de folie .

Pots de Folie offers you recipes made with dry products, already measured and easy to prepare. Several vegetarian options are available such as lentil soup . Add water and a few vegetables and you're done. The company also offers original creations of artisan breads and cakes in jars that will comfort you body and soul.

by Mélissa Viger – naturopath

Reviewed by MF Editorial

cover photo credit: Pixabay

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