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5 zero waste products to add to your daily life

5 produits zéro déchet à ajouter à votre quotidien

This Earth Day week, let's take a moment to walk around our homes and see the avenues where we can improve on waste while supporting local businesses. Some gestures may seem simple to you and others more complex to integrate, depending on your lifestyle; the important thing is to go at your own pace to make realistic changes to your routines so that these changes last and lead to bigger ones over time.
Onward to our top 5!

Bamboo straws

Alternatives to plastic straws now exist in a range of more environmentally friendly materials and their reputation is well established. Our preference goes to the version made of bamboo from the DulceBee brand. Light and easy to maintain, these straws are a charm to use for young and old alike.

5 zero waste products to add to your daily life

A box of reusable make-up remover wipes

Disposable cotton make-up removal creates considerable waste on a daily basis. The ECOTAO brand offers a box containing 7 wipes made of bamboo and organic cotton (psst, the box is compostable!) for your daily care routine. Maintenance is done in a jiffy by machine. No excuse not to take the leap!

EcoTao reusable makeup remover wipes

Reusable bags to make their plastic version blush

Forget the reusable plastic bags and say hello to the reusable bags made of recycled plastic bottles from the Savonnerie des Diligences . Developed in collaboration with Demain Demain and Studio Sans Cravate, they will accompany you in all your activities by preserving their contents from spilling into your personal belongings.

Stylish reusable paper towels

Kliin Organic offers a wide variety of sizes and designs for their line of reusable and compostable paper towels . Machine washable up to 300 times, they are made of 70% wood cellulose and 30% cotton and can be used anywhere a regular paper towel is used. We recommend air drying them flat to preserve them as long as possible.

Kliin reusable kitchen towel

A super concentrated dish soap

Cake or bar dish soaps are popular and Signé local agrees; they are truly more economical and eco-friendly than liquid dish soaps and their ingredient lists are impeccable. Our favorite goes to SOJA & CO . A degreasing soap with a fresh citrus scent!

bar dish soap

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