6 gift ideas that will please teachers

Ces cadeaux qui feront plaisir aux professeurs

The end of the school year is fast approaching and it's the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude to the teachers who have invested time and energy into teaching your children.

Why not opt ​​for gifts made in Quebec that combine originality and local craftsmanship?

In this article, we present 6 affordable gift ideas that will help teachers tide over until the end of the school year. Whether to highlight their passion or their dedication, these local gifts will please them.

Be inspired by our selection to find the perfect gift for the teachers in your life.

Gourmet Set from Signé Local

Do you have more than one teacher to spoil? This set of go urmand products should equip you to send your many thanks… or to spoil yourself at the same time!

Local Signed Gourmet Set

Chocolate with kombu from Océan de Saveurs

Are you looking for an original gift? Why not opt ​​for a box of organic and fair trade artisanal chocolates from Gaspésie?

Océan de Saveurs offers a box of 9 bites of milk (39%), dark (71%) and dark Uganda (80%) chocolates, decorated with Kombu or Kombu Royale seaweed caramel. Offering this delicious gift means supporting local agriculture and encouraging fair trade.

Enough to satisfy the taste buds and please the teachers who have devoted their time and energy to the education of your children.

Organic and fair trade artisanal chocolate - Seaweed caramel OCEAN OF FLAVORS

A pot of smoked honey from As du Fumoir

Are you looking for a simple and tasty gift for your favorite teacher? Why not offer a pot of smoked honey from As du Fumoir, produced locally in Coaticook?

This unique honey is the result of an artisanal smoking process which gives it a distinctive and delicious taste. Ideal for sweetening tea or coffee, or to accompany sweet or savory recipes, this pot of smoked honey will be appreciated by all cooking enthusiasts.

Offering a local and artisanal gift also means encouraging local agriculture and supporting Quebec producers.

Smoked honey Les As du Fumoir

Labrador tea from Gourmet Sauvage

If the parent-teacher meetings suggested that your child had not been the best behaved, offering Labrador tea is ideal! Its camphorous and spicy, but delicate taste is ideal for moments of relaxation or to relieve headaches and migraines. This should be appreciated!

This astringent drink, rich in essential oils and antiseptic properties, is a specialty of North America, popular with Native Americans and the first settlers in New France.

By offering Labrador tea, you are also offering a local and artisanal gift, which contributes to the preservation of culinary traditions and the promotion of wild plants from our regions.

A maple BBQ seasoning from Blanc par rouGe

The end of classes is often accompanied by the smell of grilling. If you haven't already, your child's teacher will be bringing out the BBQ for the months to come. Why not offer him some seasoning for the occasion? There are several on the market, including the maple one from Blanc par rouGe, which we find particularly appreciated.

A greeting card from Corbiere Art

If you're going for simplicity, Corbiere Art greeting cards aren't a bad idea. This company located in Hemmingford offers reproductions of original works created by Valérie Corbière.

The creations are mainly inspired by nature and the animal world, and made with varied techniques such as watercolor, graphite, pastel and wood.

By giving a Corbiere Art greeting card, you are giving a unique and authentic gift that shows your appreciation for your child's teacher. Additionally, supporting a local artist is an excellent way to contribute to the cultural life of the region.

Corbiere Art greeting card

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