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6 original ideas for a Made in Quebec child's room

6 idées originales pour une chambre d'enfant Made in Quebec

Although it is not a central room like the kitchen or the living room, the bedroom still occupies a great importance in the house. Especially if we are talking about the children's bedroom.

It is mainly through this room that future parents prepare for the arrival of the unborn baby. It is also where the child forges his identity, because it is easily transformed according to his development.

Quebec is full of companies working in the field of decoration for children. It is a universe filled with beauty and sweetness that gives us the taste of falling back into childhood.

On the bed

A key element of the bedroom, the bed is often used as a source of inspiration for decoration. Duvet, cushions, stuffed animals, everything must be thought out and arranged. Each detail has its raison d'être, without skimping on the practical aspect of their arrangement.

Not Sew Strange


In shades of black and white, or even pastels, Not Sew Strange offers magnificent sets that will set the tone for your decoration.

The Connected Fairy


These cushions are definitely perfect for giving a touch of originality to your room. In addition, the possibility of personalizing them opens the door to a multitude of options.

On the walls

The dressing of the walls does not stop at the choice of paint color. The personalization of a room is easily modeled by the decorative elements that are affixed to it. The best thing about all of this is that once the time comes to redecorate, everything can be replaced.

Marie-Eve Pharand Illustrations


Digitally hand drawn, these illustrations fit perfectly into any decorative theme.



Wall sconces come in every design imaginable. Easy to apply, a room easily takes on unique and artistic looks.

On the ceiling

The decoration of a room goes through each of its corners, even the ceiling! Although the possibilities are fewer, some original ideas can be used to optimize the layout of the bedroom.

Made by ild


These clean lines and inspiring colors will fit naturally into a child's room.

Design urban hammock


Why not dare! This hammock can even replace the traditional rocking chair for bedtime. Kids will love this alternative, that's for sure!

Inspired? Indulge!

For even more ideas, visit Signé Local's Kids category .

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