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Buy local, easier than you think!

Acheter local, plus facile qu'on le pense!

Because the Made in Quebec fills more than one facet of our life.

I was very apprehensive about my new resolution to buy local. I imagined myself racking my brains trying to change my drinking habits and preferences.

It took me very little time to finally realize that encouraging the economy here is much easier than you might think! It's easy, simply because the products offered to us can satisfy the needs of each of the spheres of our daily lives.

Buy local, from head to toe

Quebec fashion is carving out an increasingly competitive place alongside the big names. With their quality accessories and textiles, local confections are without a doubt a safe bet in your wardrobe! Having a fairly minimalist style, inspired by a bohemian touch, I easily manage to find my account in Quebec creations. I really like Bloom Bijoux Bohème jewelry when the time comes to give a little punch to a simple outfit, for example.


Bloom Bohemian Jewelry

To feel good at home

Since the arrival of Pinterest a few years ago, decoration has taken on paramount importance in a home. Personally, I love drawing inspiration from certain trends in order to give a little warmth to my home. It is also a chance that we have, to have within our reach such beautiful decorative elements made in Quebec. A single decorative object can completely change the atmosphere of a room! All that remains is to choose from the many choices that are offered in ourHome category, on the site.

In your belly

Vital, but also very inspiring, food explodes in flavors in Quebec. Our seasons, quite extreme, let's face it, allow a multitude of exceptional products for the local consumer. From breakfast to late-night snacks , Quebec foods easily fit into our daily menus. Both in terms of food and beverages (alcoholic or not), you will be delighted!

Towards a healthy lifestyle

It was when I turned to yoga and meditation a few years ago that I realized the importance of having a healthy mind in a healthy body. Not being very sporty by nature, I made way for healthy lifestyle habits through the use of natural products and non-toxic cosmetics. Several beautiful Quebec alternatives are to be discovered! I particularly appreciate the products from Atelier Willow & Finigan , which fit very easily into our daily routines.


Willow & Finigan Workshop

Without forgetting our offspring

If there's one thing I love shopping most of all, it's items for children! Whether it's for mine or those of my loved ones, I can easily spend hours in front of my screen window shopping in search of the rare pearl (or my hundred thousandth piece of clothing). This field is full of possibilities and we can now accessorize, dress and entertain the kids in the blink of an eye.

Believing to face a major challenge, I finally find that the game is doubly worth the candle by the accessibility of local products. We are not always aware of the possibilities around us, and we are even less aware of our power as consumers .

Do you find that buying local is more and more accessible?

by Amélie Bilodeau

Revisited in March 2022 by Ariane Lessard

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