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Bring color into our lives, thanks to HeyMaca

Amener de la couleur dans nos vies, grâce à HeyMaca

To enter the world of HeyMaca is to let yourself be transported to a joyful, magical and colorful world! This is the image that emerges from this Montreal company and its creator, Maca Atencio, to whom I had the pleasure of asking a few questions.

It was in 2019 that Maca launched its online store of products, each as cute as the next. On its website, you can get notebooks, washi tape, planners or stickers. But in addition to stationery, there are also pins, handmade ceramics and key rings. All products are designed in Montreal, sometimes with the precious help of collaborators to give life to some of its projects.

Bring color into our lives, thanks to HeyMaca

Not just an online store

Although she is also on Signé Local, she is best known for her shop. The entrepreneur has established a real brand around HeyMaca, which is available in several activities. “ It fascinates me to see how a brand has its own life, its own personality and what it can bring to the world. Maybe that's why I've worked very hard to create an entire universe for HeyMaca over the past few years ,” she explains.

Bring color into our lives, thanks to HeyMaca

Maca Atencio, founder of HeyMaca

Above all, it's a lifestyle blog founded in 2012, where she publishes articles on DIY, decoration, mom's life and travel. “ At the time, I was struggling to find cool blogs about things to do as a new mom in town (in Montreal) and that's how the idea was born. A few years later HeyMaca became my full time job and my business. In the same vein, she also creates content on her Instagram account, where she regularly posts pretty inspiring photos. At the same time, Maca owns her studio, which she rents out for photo shoots and creative projects, among other things, and she does crafts for the site of the English-language television channel HGTV Canada.

Entrepreneur at heart

Having studied marketing and interior design, Maca knew very well that she would go into business. “ My father also owns his company and I think I have this entrepreneurial spirit thanks to him. Watching him grow and evolve in his business over the years has been my greatest inspiration! »

HeyMaca is not his first venture; before immigrating to Canada, she was in charge of Promocrew, a marketing and public relations agency in Venezuela. She had high hopes of succeeding in having her own business here in Canada as a newcomer, which she successfully accomplished! She is a woman who is not afraid to go for it and who does not let obstacles stop her.

With his head brimming with projects, Maca wants to grow his business in the coming year by adding lots of new products to his shop, expanding his team and maybe even starting a YouTube channel. To follow her in this adventure, it's on her blog and her Instagram that it's happening!

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