Animalove, good and beautiful for our animals

Animalove, du bon et du beau pour nos animaux

Do you like to offer the best for your pet? If the answer is yes, you will enjoy discovering the Animalove company with me.

Choose your pace of life

From a young age, Camille, the founder of Animallove, had a natural love for pets. It was during her training at SAJE (school for entrepreneurs in Montreal) in 2015 that the desire was born to become her own boss, to found a company of her own. Her research on the labor market did not correspond to the pace of life she wanted to adopt.

Camille, founder of Animallove

Animalove is now 2 years old and allows her to live more peacefully as she visualized it.

Camille is the kind of entrepreneur who always has more dreams, more ideas, and who is driven by goals. She says to me: “it must move and evolve”. Her haven of peace is contemporary dance, which she recently started up again. She is a girl who has chosen to live minimally. She believes that we should be more grateful for what we have, especially in this world of consumerism and “fast living”.

She is planning a trip, probably to Costa Rica, to help animals and people in a shelter. What a beautiful project!

What motivates her to create

Camille reminds me how much people want the best for their pet without necessarily knowing where to get supplies. Owners like to take time to play and relax with their pet. She knows the importance of her little special moments. She based herself on this beautiful relationship to create toys that correspond to their expectations.

In her early days, she designed products based on her creative impulses as a 'designer', she confides to me, but she had to adjust to please others too!

“We have a lot of investments in raw materials, and we don't want it to remain stagnant in the inventory, it has to move! – Camilla.

Offer good and beautiful

Good, because she cares about what is safe for the animal's health by choosing materials that do not cause health problems. “Some foam balls offered in department stores are dangerous for their health” – Camille tells me. It therefore offers a safe and responsible alternative.

Beauty, to be in harmony with the environment of its customers. As she has a degree in Visual Presentation Design, you will notice that her creations harmonize wonderfully well with our homes.

Refine your offer

In her business development process, what she prefers is research. Monitor trends around the world, select new materials, integrate the decor of its customers into its creations, etc. During her research, she managed to create eco-responsible and sustainable toys. She tells me that we can buy refills for the small fishing rods if the ball breaks. WE love !

His inspirations

She likes the Scandinavian, minimalist and monochrome style. As soon as we arrive on its website, we find the very essence there.

I must admit that I was charmed by the beauty of the products, being myself the owner of a Siamese cat. Animalove offers scratching posts for cats in Quebec pine, small modern felt beds perfect for cats and small dogs, cat accessories such as felted wool balls, luxury bowl supports and much more.

Camille works with Nadine Hajjar's workshop for all things wood and wishes to develop unique products with her.

An event of which she is proud

I asked Camille to tell me about a milestone in her career. When her company was barely 5 months old, Camille was selected to participate in the Souka.sat trade show. This show has brought together some sixty Montreal designers for the past 14 years. It was a nice surprise to find himself with companies that inspire him. For 3 years, she has been there at each edition.

What's in store for the next few months

Camille tells me of her intention to be present in new points of sale in order to be even closer to her customers.

She is currently working on the social mission of her company. All businesses should follow suit. “It's our way of making a difference and giving back in our own way to society,” she told me. I don't have a scoop for you, you'll have to keep following Animalove so you don't miss this announcement.

I wish you to rediscover the pleasure of spending quality time with your pet thanks to Animalove. Camille's cat, Graphite, is more than satisfied!

Reviewed by Catherine

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