atelier C.U.B

Atelier CUB, when colored geometry invites itself into the studio

Atelier C.U.B, quand la géométrie colorée s’invite dans l’atelier

Atelier CUB is above all the marriage of leather and wood, of the leatherworker and the cabinetmaker, of geometry and uniqueness. I had the chance to enter the world of this designer furniture and accessories company by talking with Sophie Gailliot between two photo retouchings, a discussion during which passion and vision overlapped about "made in Quebec". ".

The first beginnings

It was upon their arrival in Quebec that the couple formed by Sophie and Richard began new training: she in leather goods and he in cabinetmaking. Learning the techniques, mixed with the ideas they already have, then allows their products to emerge. Sophie also considers that the strength of their partnership comes from the fact that they know each other well and like the same things: ideas come up quite quickly.

Sophie and Richard, founders of Atelier CUB

The company's entry into the scene was grandiose: a trade show in the Big Apple in the middle of design week in April 2017. The adventure was rewarding, but somewhat confusing for the entrepreneurs who then had to explain their creations for the very first time.


Atelier CUB currently sells its products in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. The products have not yet crossed the ocean, but interested customers have every means of getting in touch with the duo, which they are welcome to do to request products in another color or size. The company reaches consumers with two product lines: fairly high-end furniture, but also small accessories and lamps at more affordable prices. These make it possible to reach a large audience, but as the entrepreneur puts it, above all, people have to become attached to your universe as a designer.

credit: Atelier CUB

Local design wishes and visions

“We don't do a lot of them, trade shows, because our products don't necessarily correspond to a whim purchase that we think of giving as a gift, but rather to an object that we offer to ourselves. »

It's so well said. Design in Quebec, we should afford it for its durability, but also because it takes us from an ordinary house to our home. Of course, the advantage of turning to local design is also found in eco-consciousness, because, inevitably, by producing by special order, attention is paid to the environment. In addition, with distinctive furniture produced using local wood, you end up with a living home without having to furnish every square foot. In talking with Sophie, I was able to see that we shared the same tactics: when the needs are great, it is better to buy second hand than in batches in a supermarket, and then take the time to replace the objects that the we want more special.

credit: Atelier CUB

The art of multi-tasking

If entrepreneurship has taught Sophie anything, it's that there's never enough time to do everything. It inevitably leads to multi-tasking. Whether we think of product photography or social media, business and life partners do everything themselves. It must be said, it is successful, because, from the first glance, the photographs of their products make us understand the double meaning of the acronym CUB: Leather Union Wood, but also cube, as in shape. You have no doubt noticed it with the one on the serving tray, taken from a bird's eye view – and you will see it with the following ones – the emphasis on geometry is predominant.

credit: Atelier CUB

Projects under the radar

Among the projects appearing in the near future, we find the modular lamp in the bedside table version or in the suspended version, in solid maple or cherry wood , and other suspended lamps. Not to mention new furniture for the end of the year! Sophie couldn't give me more details, but we bet you'll want to follow them on the networks to find out more… And pass by their doors during the annual workshop sale of the building where their premises are located, rue Masson.

Reviewed by Marie-Pascale

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