Amarok, artisan roaster

Amarok, artisan torréfacteur

If there's one thing that can get people out of bed in the morning, it's coffee. This hot drink with energizing properties is an essential in the daily lives of many Quebecers, and with good reason, it's so GOOD!

Coffee is readily available. Just think of downtown Montreal, where the supply is literally exploding. Within a few minutes of walking, I could see this week three branches of the same coffee company (a certain company with the green logo that is from the United States)… I'll let you guess which one.

I want to believe that people are fond of coffee, but that borders on the ridiculous. And that's not counting neighboring competitors.

So the supply is there, it can't be ignored, but what about the quality? Well, that's where you have to ask the question. Myriam Francoeur wondered and it was in front of a disappointing answer that she wanted to change things by founding AMAROK artisan roaster .

* Did you know that most coffees available in grocery stores have been roasted for months or even a year! They are often old, bitter and, for true coffee lovers, rather disappointing.

Café amarok

Credit: Myriam Francoeur

AMAROK artisan torrefactor is a line of micro-roasted coffees available on the web that offers Quebec consumers freshly roasted coffee.

The idea is simple. You surf the website, you order your coffee blend and it is delivered to you by post. As easy as that.

The advantage you get from it: a coffee roasted in Quebec whose flavors are fresh and lively.

The history of AMAROK

Myriam had no idea that one day she would work in the coffee world. Rather, it was fate that introduced him to the art of roasting.

“I was living in the accommodation just upstairs when the Brûlerie des Andes set up shop in Longueuil. From my apartment, I could smell when the master roasters, Alejandro and William, were roasting coffee, so I went to see them and they gave me a taste,” says the young woman.

This is how his taste for this beverage was refined and later, the desire to introduce people to real good coffee arose.

Myriam then had the idea of ​​developing fresh coffee blends with Alejandro and William and marketing them under the name of AMAROK artisan roaster.


Myriam surrounded by master roasters Alejandro and William.

A French roast coffee

AMAROK offers French roast coffee. You should see the machine that toasts the beans, it's impressive!

According to Myriam, “French-roasted coffee offers a more full-bodied, but not bitter, taste that pairs well with lattes and sets the brand apart.”

Having tasted his Colombian coffee roasted in this way, I can affirm that its taste is frank and that it is easily drunk black. What I don't usually do is to say!


Credit: Myriam Francoeur

AMAROK products

The company offers 4 exclusive coffee collections:

  • The signature blend (expertly made by Myriam)
  • The espresso blend
  • The extra strong extra caffeinated
  • Colombian decaffeinated (decaffeinated by the Swiss method which is the healthiest option)

Without forgetting a personalized service during which the entrepreneur creates the coffee of your dreams according to your preferences.

“Finding a coffee you like is really about trial and error. People can therefore write to me if they have any questions and we can even give them small tasting packages,” she points out.

AMAROK is definitely a very nice discovery. By the way, I was drinking a coffee of the signature blend while writing these lines!


Credit: Amarok

Good coffee!


Revised by Éveline Thibault Lanctôt

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