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Bellemine: At the heart of the company

Bellemine : Au coeur de l'entreprise

The current cost of living often leads us to revise our budget, to review our priorities. Very often, our impulsive spending or our small personal pleasures are put aside in order to prioritize the purchase of goods essential to our (sur)life. Personally, it is often the renewal of my wardrobe that is neglected. And I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation.

Jasmine and Martin had the good idea to breathe new life into worn out or unloved clothes by creating BelleMine. This lovely company offers iron-on patches , commonly known as patches , to repair or simply revive our everyday ensembles.


Photo: Bellemine

An accommodating product

Simple to use, the patches are applied in four easy steps to the garment of your choice. No need to excel in sewing to enjoy the beautiful designs offered. In addition, they are machine washable and cold water resistant. Nothing better for a mom, like me, that the Housekeeping Fairy forgot during her visit.

It is a product that easily adapts to you and your daily life. Arm yourself with your iron, and voila!

BelleMine Patches

Photo: BelleMine

A trendy, but above all ecological aim

It is essential for the two entrepreneurs to bring added value to the community. This vision is presented through two main keywords: quality and durability. We can easily see this from the first handling of the pieces: these are made with the aim of resisting time and everyday gymnastics.

This is where the ideology of “paying it forward” comes into its own. A fun and colorful way to pass on the clothes of the eldest in the family to their younger brother. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from buying these patches to simply add a little cheerfulness to your children's wardrobe (and yours)!

You can even go so far as to push the limits of the possible, by embellishing the furniture in your home. Have you fallen in love with an antique chair that needs a little love? Are you unable to separate yourself from your ultra-comfortable, but slightly damaged armchair? These patches also give you the freedom to give your furniture a boost of vitality, without having to throw them away. A big plus for the environment!

BelleMine patch

Photo: BelleMine

two is better

In addition to sharing the helm of the business, Jasmine and Martin are a couple. Rubbing shoulders both in their full-time jobs and in their beautiful creative project, the two lovebirds do not seem in any way bothered.

They easily manage to marry the different spheres of their lives, and it's inspiring! Trips or outings in pairs, as part of their work, give them the opportunity to keep a good balance. This is a perfect example of work-family balance!

BelleMine Contractors

Photo: BelleMine

Little train goes far

The year 2016 seems to be promising for the company. The arrival of their new web platform a few months ago opens the door to new projects for the couple. A superb Black & White collection is also newly available!


Photo: BelleMine

Already retailing internationally, particularly in New York and Singapore, BelleMine wishes to continue to expand its horizons. With business development outside Quebec going well, you'll have the chance to meet them at the ONEOFAKIND SHOW in Toronto , from March 23 to 27, 2016. Not to mention various Montreal trade shows throughout the year.

Let yourself be charmed by the nostalgia provided by these most original patches ! For more information and to access their online store, visit BelleMine's Signé Local profile.

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