Audrey Seyer Jeweler: unique creations from here

Audrey Seyer Joaillière : créations uniques d’ici

Delicacy, fantasy, sophistication. These are the qualities that Audrey Seyer gives to the jewels that are the fruit of her labor. Whether we think of necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, Audrey puts her creativity forward to adorn her clientele, from head to toe.

Audrey Seyer, jeweler

An enlightened journey

Audrey always knew she wanted to make jewelry. Even before graduating from the École de joaillerie de Montréal, she enjoyed making jewelry for fun. Her upbringing reinforced in her the idea that she not only wanted to create jewelry, but also that she wanted to do it on her own. “When I graduated, I wanted to start myself, start my business. She wanted to produce creations that would highlight the natural beauty and well-being of women, which she has been doing since 2016.

Patience and attention to detail first

Jewelery is meticulous work, which requires patience and a keen sense of detail. “It takes passion first. It is a difficult and expensive job. Indeed, the acquisition of equipment needed to make jewelry alone is very expensive, not to mention the types of metals or other materials used to design the jewelry. Audrey has a predisposition for silver, which is more affordable than gold, which she likes to combine with pearls. In his words, the blending of the “soft side with the rough side ” creates an appealing blend unique to his brand. She plans to eventually work with more gemstones.

As for her workplace, Audrey decided to set up her studio at home, which turned out to be a trying experience. However, this has allowed her to establish a schedule and lifestyle that suits her. “I always listen to music when I work. She lets herself be inspired by music to design jewelry that mixes contrasts, textures and what she defines as “noise”.

A personalized relationship with customers

All it takes is a quick glance atAudrey Seyer Joaillière's Facebook page to see that Audrey cares about interacting with her customers. She frequently posts messages asking about her followers' plans, habits and preferences, while sharing information about the projects she is working on. This allows her to learn more about her customers, maintain the relationship, but also educate her followers on the jewelry making process. “People are less aware of crafts; my goal is to show them my universe, my process. She shows them the underside of the jewelry world, the efforts needed to achieve the end result by involving her subscribers in her business, by being transparent with them.

Moreover, she considers that this connection with her clients is her super power as an entrepreneur: “I really listen to my clients, I am able to reflect their personality. »

The sequel for Audrey Seyer Jeweler

In her pursuit of developing her business, Audrey took branding training to work on the company's brand image. On May 8, it launched its new logo. She also plans to set up a website next year.

Until then, the jewelry of Audrey Seyer, Joaillière is available on Etsy , on her Facebook page , and is on consignment in a few boutiques located in downtown Montreal, Sherbrooke, Lévis and Valleyfield. It also offers custom creations.

For more information on the company, visit its member profile.

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Reviewed by Marie-Pascale

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