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Bambou d'Chou, mompreneurship and business management

Bambou d’Chou: mamanpreneuriat et gestion des affaires

Entrepreneurship can arise in different ways. For Kim Pellerin, founder of Bambou d'Chou and Kundalini BioSoins, entrepreneurship first carved out a place for itself by business opportunity, then by passion.

Born as a brand in its own right, Bambou d'Chou is now positioned as a range of products under the Kundalini Biosoins brand .

From employee to entrepreneur

Kim Pellerin began her entrepreneurial journey following the meeting of her spouse and the purchase of a café in Quebec. This experience allowed her to discover behind the scenes, to see the potential of being an entrepreneur and to see the creativity that is necessary to make a project grow. It was then that she took a liking to entrepreneurship.

Bambou d’Chou: mompreneurship and business management

Kim Pellerin while she owned a cafe

In the meantime, Kim has started growing different plants at home with the aim of having extracts on hand to make her own creams for her personal use. In 2015, she decided to enroll in a natural cosmetics course in order to deepen her knowledge. She was then on maternity leave and noticed a glaring lack in the supply of Quebec natural care products for mothers and babies. Bambou d'Chou is born from a personal creation as a mother for the needs of her baby. From thread to needle, or rather from gift to gift, the satisfaction of the mothers around her when she offers them the products she has created allows Bambou d'Chou to take off.

Bambou d’Chou: mompreneurship and business management

Project, family and self development

Kim being rather introverted, she draws on her background to further develop her extroverted side in order to propel her business. “I chose to become a translator after high school because I preferred to work alone,” Kim explains about her school career. Over time, she develops her social skills and her customer approach. By rubbing shoulders with her husband, an entrepreneur she greatly esteems, she discovers that there are different types of entrepreneurs and that it is possible to start regardless of your background.

Bambou d’Chou: mompreneurship and business management

Entrepreneurship takes Kim out of her comfort zone. She has to overcome her stress and reach out to people to promote her products. To make it easier for herself during a professional meeting, she prepares to put the odds on her side and dresses to feel fit and professional while remaining true to who she is! Once there, her great knowledge of her products helps her feel comfortable and speak from her heart.

Marketing and creation

Bambou d'Chou products are available in stores in Mauricie, Centre-du-Québec, Montreal and a few in Quebec. It is in the Capitale-Nationale region that the entrepreneur is currently concentrating her development efforts. She also has an online store . In the past few years, Kim has participated in many fairs. “I equipped myself to tour maternity salons and to be present in shops to present my products to customers. I can't wait to be able to do it again,” adds Kim in connection with the changes of the past year. However, she mentions that the best marketing is found in customer satisfaction and word of mouth.

Bambou d’Chou: mompreneurship and business management

Female entrepreneurship

Perseverance is at the heart of a businesswoman's actions! “You have to be sure of your project, there are so many times when you get discouraged (government procedures, taxes, etc.). The more you persevere, the more you develop tools to add to your kit,” continues Kim, speaking of the creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity it takes to bring a business project to fruition. There are so many moments when abandonment challenges the entrepreneur that these qualities allow her to continue.

Bambou d’Chou: mompreneurship and business management

As a female icon, Johanne Barrette of Pranasens inc. inspires him enormously. This farmer, herbalist and creator of phytocosmetics has helped her a lot since her launch. Seeing this woman who supported her at different stages of her project, such as bottling and manufacturing, become a pioneer in her field, makes her believe that she too can become the reference in cosmetics for mothers and babies. As this is a side she would like to develop more, Kim also appreciates the go-getter and authentic side of Mélissa Normandin-Roberge, founder of Paillettes inc. "Everything is a process: choosing yourself, developing self-love and being comfortable selling your products," adds the creator of Bambou d'Chou.

Kim continues to advance her projects, giving free rein to her ideas to develop new products. His company is now developing into two ranges: Kundalini Bio-Care and Bambou d'Chou. She wants to continue to promote her products for their effectiveness, their accessibility and the diversity of her offer!

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