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Bangarang, offering positive

Bangarang, offrir du positif

What is most inspiring when meeting entrepreneurs is their passion and authenticity. These Quebec companies that think big, but give back a lot: in donations, in jobs, to the economy. Bangarang is that company. A Quebec company that gives back, both through its mission and its products and through its organization.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others are also inundated with it. James M. Barries

It was a Marie-Eve proud of her company who answered the phone. His company is Bangarang whose mission is to spread the positive. How? Thanks to the positive cube first, but also by accessories, decorations and clothing. But let's go back to the beginning.


Credit: Bangarang

Marie-Eve, Martin and positive thinking

Marie-Eve is an eternal optimist who decided to transpose this character trait into a company. With her partner, Martin, they sprinkle their daily life with smiles.

Like many entrepreneurs, it was the arrival of a child, in this case a second, that prompted Marie-Eve and her spouse to start a business: “We were a bit tired of pessimism. I've always been someone who tries to see the bright side of things. It's easy to go into the negative, with the news, etc., we retain the negative. And then, children, it changes a life. "We really want them to grow up in a positive environment: it's possible to change the world in our own way," she says.

Their solution to the ambient pessimism and cynicism? The positive cube .


Credit: bangarang

The positive cube

With this cube, they wanted to “create an object that people can use daily with quotes or actions to accomplish themselves and leave a positive imprint. People then become happier because the positive is contagious”.

And this cube, which was originally supposed to be just a gift offered to the guest in the daily life of homes, has found a place of choice in offices and schools. Teachers and employers saw it as a way to stretch and inspire students and workers. The cube allows, for example, collaboration when an action is drawn. "Inspiring and propagating, that's how we change things", adds Marie-Eve, "each person has the power to change the world in their own way: by thought, by gestures".

In the United States, in particular, companies buy the cube for team-building events: “people are open to that, to improve daily life. When the atmosphere is less good, it helps to motivate employees. It gives a good corporate image. It costs nothing to be positive, it's free.

Bangarang, offrir du positif

Credit: Bangarang

give back

“For us, it was inconceivable to create a company without giving back”. Thus, part of the profits, $2 per cube, is donated to a cause. In the past there was the breakfast club , at the moment it is Save the children .

The good news is that the demand is increasing to the point of having to go to a subcontracting organization for assembly. Once again, the company chose to give back by choosing an organization that hires people with mental disorders.

Bangarang, learning to grow

Even if the positive cube remains their main product, other derivatives have been added to the offer: sweaters, wall sconces, accessories, etc. “We were asked for t-shirts with positive phrases”. These positive phrases become an inspiration not only for the person carrying the message, but also for others who see it: “We wanted products that people read and that spread messages”.

From the outset, the two entrepreneurs were thinking big and wanted to export the product. Since the 2017 Oscars, the company has been a craze in the United States. That's because they were part of the Grammys giveaways and the Everyone wins set given away at the Oscars . This will be the case again this year. They therefore wish to continue in this momentum and develop the American and Canadian market, in addition to targeting the overseas market.

Finally, they also target the corporate: “We didn't choose it, it chose us by default”. Indeed, what could be more beautiful than to offer positive to thank. The wooden box, neutral and timeless, is easily offered and above all, will mark the imagination. As Marie-Eve says, "it's a change from the bottle of wine and other usual gifts!"


Credit: Bangarang

To learn more about this company, visit the member profile here !

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