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Consuming locally has always been a priority in our house, in all spheres. Coming from a family of artists, I have always attached great importance to the impact and the feeling of belonging of an object, a moment, a service. Having an eye on each stage of production, the attention to detail behind a service, the authenticity of an idea, the sincerity of the builder...

Since we will have to consume all our lives, in an essential or sometimes more superficial way, it is important to have this questioning about the origin of what we buy. Every decision we make influences, on a small or large scale, the local economy and the environment. It is important to me that the foods I eat are in harmony with my body, produced as naturally as possible. That the coat I wear in winter is made under humane conditions. That the café where I will write my article is a small family business that gives back to its neighborhood. Proximity to the very source of a product or service adds a sense of pride and belonging: knowing that the price I paid allows a family to live more comfortably, to flourish.

​When I started my business, more than two years ago, my primary goal was education: to open the discussion on the extent of the consumer society (and overconsumption) that we have reached today and which continues to take exorbitant proportions. Having studied fashion ten years ago, I very quickly became aware of all the work behind every piece of clothing in my wardrobe. After watching the documentary " The True Cost ", my mission became a reality: I wanted to conquer the world of responsible consumption and get people out of the whirlwind of " fast fashion ", one person at a time. I wanted to offer a product made by people from here, with a fabric made with the greatest respect for the environment, with a reasonable lifespan, at a reasonable price, both for the product itself and for the respect people who participated in its design.

For me, consuming local also rhymes with minimalism. With this in mind, I also slowly began to live with a "zero waste" perspective. It's a long process that constantly tests my limits, but forces me to ask myself questions not only about the provenance, but also about the necessity of each purchase. After moving into my new home and sorting through everything that had been lying around for a long time, I decided to change my way of life, to adapt it adequately to my values. Since my in-laws work in cabinetmaking, a good part of our furniture was made by them. Manual, curious, self-taught, I then decided to restore our furniture in order to give them a new life, to minimize superfluous purchases. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Not only do we have unique items made by people we love, but we are also continuing our quest towards an increasingly responsible lifestyle, all in style!

​And that mindset applies to every part of my life , every decision I make, every purchase I make. Since that day, the way people around me consume has changed a lot. We even did a 100% local gift exchange last Christmas! It's the best feeling to know that we have a positive and concrete influence thanks to our values.

I invite you to follow “ My Life Made in Canada ”, a documentary project on a 100% Canadian way of life!


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