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I had seen the company Carrément Tarte in the Signé Local directory and the foodie that I am said to myself that I had to taste their products. It was by discovering the story and tasting their pies that I knew I had made the right choice. It was therefore on a rainy and cold afternoon that I went to the workshop to meet the couple behind the company in order to discuss with Katell.

This couple of enthusiasts, adventurers and crazy about pies launched the company two years ago. Philippe and Katell: a chef and a manager who put their respective talents to work. Philippe, who worked in restaurants for nine years, considered the idea of ​​pies. He had quickly realized that the pies and quiches served in restaurants were of a quality that left something to be desired. The need was easy to detect. It was then by working on the idea, the form, the name and the concept, which differentiates Carrément Tarte, that Katell, his wife, embarked on the project.

Dough, butter and quality

It is at the tart factory that the tart is prepared in an artisanal way using noble and exceptional products. In their Rosemont workshop, the dough, the hallmark of the quality of Carrément Tarte, is kneaded from fresh, local ingredients, perpetuating the tradition of pure butter.

When I asked Katell what the hallmark of Carrément Tarte was, she smiled and replied, "many think it's the square (the shape), but it's really our dough." Indeed, even if the square is the signature of their company, the real secret remains the know-how behind the manufacture of their dough: how it is worked and what are the ingredients used. Indeed, and for the sake of quality, the company selects its raw materials from local suppliers and producers. As for the toppings (including creams, ganaches, toppings and entremets), they are prepared on site by the pastry chefs. Butter is the main ingredient. You won't find palm oil around here!

downright tart

Credit: Sarah Bemri

And despite the fact that Carrément Tarte is not a boutique pastry shop, Katell assured me that they produce a high-quality product on a large scale. Be aware that the process remains very manual. With the manufacturing workshop which produces a greater volume than a shop, the intervention of the hand remains essential at Carrément Tarte: a semi-manual side of which they are so proud. So that's the whole difference: no compromise on quality.

Sweet and savory square pies

Sweet and savory beaks will be delighted to discover that Carrément Tarte offers both product lines: savory based on shortcrust pastry and sweet based on shortbread. To satisfy your craving for a pie, three formats are available: the mignardise, the tartlet or the pie to share, all in a square shape, Carrément Tarte's signature.

Katell informed me that for the past two years they have been producing yule logs, but since that wasn't really their trade, this year they opted for their specialty instead: pies. So you can get boxes of 12 sweet or savory mini pies. These boxes to offer or to share are a good option for an aperitif or for dessert.

downright tart

Credit: Sarah Bemri

Carrément Tarte also offers classic boxes throughout the year at all their points of sale. They are releasing two new ones for Christmas. "I'm going to make you salivate," she told me. And she was right! The sweet box is made of dark chocolate, mango and chocolate praline while the savory is made of pear, blue cheese, onion-aged cheddar, walnuts and truffle oil. I hadn't eaten yet, imagine my state. She added that "the pies will be a little more festive and elegant, because they add gold dust or gold leaf to them." As for the seasonal tart, a new one will make its debut: mango and chocolate tart.

The dessert that will make your guests crack

If, like me, you are wondering, after seeing the photos, where you can get Carrément Tarte products, know that apart from their points of sale (including the Signé Local boutique ), you can always order them at advance and pick them up at the workshop.

If you have a party to organize, Carrément Tarte can take care of you too . Their original offer allows them to make lunch boxes as well as cocktail events. At the moment, it's the Christmas parties that are popular. As their star product is the pie, they play around this theme: mini-pies, verrines or buffets, quiches to share, pies for dessert, etc.

downright tart

Credit: Sarah Bemri

I had the chance to try two Carrément Tarte products: the Leek-Brie quiche and the lemon meringue pie. As Katell said, the dough is really exceptional: neither dry nor too soft, just what is needed. Since I have a sweet tooth, lemon pie is my favorite. I understand that this is one of Carrément Tarte's best-selling products! A true delight!

To learn more about this gourmet company, visit their member profile .

Reviewed by Eveline

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