CocoNuts, a company of passion

Les CocoNuts, une entreprise de passion

When I went to meet Sarah, the brain behind Les CocoNuts , at the Saint-Bruno workshop/boutique, I discovered a motivated designer and, above all, a woman passionate about her company.

Les CocoNuts is a Quebec company that offers skin care products made from coconut: deodorants, lip balms, scrubs, bar soaps, hand and body soaps, and small jars of pure coconut oil. All items created by Sarah and her team are based on two important elements: quality and freshness.

les coconuts

Credit: The Coconuts


Prior to running CocoNuts, Sarah worked in property management and had no intention of going into business. The story begins when a television show dealing with natural products ignites a spark in Sarah's mind. Intrigued and interested in cleaning products and beauty products made without chemical components, she decided to make a change in her life and to prioritize the purchase of natural products. After gradually changing her consumption habits, Sarah unfortunately realizes that effective natural deodorants are particularly difficult to find. In order to fill a personal need, she begins to get information on the web and in books until she discovers a formula that works. A little groping, by trial and error, Sarah works on designing the perfect deodorant, and one day, she finds the magic formula!

déodorant les coconuts

Credit: The Coconuts


In order to check if her formula also meets the needs of her loved ones, Sarah decides to test her deodorant not on animals, but rather on her friends and family. Faced with the glowing comments from those around her, she continued her production of natural deodorants. Little by little and by word of mouth, she provided samples to a growing circle of people before finally marketing her product in public markets and, later, on the CocoNuts website and in stores (including the Signé Local store!). To everyone's delight, the store's inventory continues to expand, evolve and offer a variety of products... Moreover, if you want the scoop, know that soon, a face cream and a body butter will be added to the list of products created by Les CocoNuts. (YE!!)


Since the birth of the company, Sarah has had one criterion to which she has held fast: she wants things to be done well. According to her, as long as you do it, you might as well make sure that all the stages of the process correspond to her values. As the future of the planet matters, it is keen to manufacture durable, organic and recyclable containers. So, in order to reduce the number of discarded containers, Sarah decided to create an innovative product: a deodorant refill pouch. In addition, to ensure maximum freshness, all products are made in Quebec, and all the ingredients used come from Canada or the United States. The company is committed to providing products that are long lasting and eco-conscious. Moreover, for Sarah “doing things right” does not only apply to the creation of items, but also applies to customer service. For her, ALL clients are important and she makes sure to offer the best possible service. She wants the products purchased to be good, but the shopping or information experience to be good too.

pochette réutilisable Les coconuts

Credit: The Coconuts


In light of my meeting with Sarah, I am particularly impressed by the hard work of this woman, by the quality of the products she presents, but also by the passion that drives the company. I mention to Sarah that she is very inspiring, and she quickly replies that even though she is the creator of CocoNuts, the success of the company does not rest solely on her shoulders. She maintains that without her family, her husband, her children, her friends, her employees and her clients, none of this would have been possible. CocoNuts is a gang affair, mutual aid, well-being and passion.

For more information on Les CocoNuts, I invite you to visit the boutique located in Saint-Bruno directly (because no, it's not just the workshop that's there, you can also do your shopping and get advice from employees) or visit the member profile here .

Reviewed by Louise

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