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At the heart of the business: Allcovered

Au cœur de l’entreprise : Allcovered

Noémi H. is an ambitious young businesswoman brimming with ideas. It was in 2015, at the age of 21, that she launched the women's clothing brand Allcovered , a brand at the antipode of fast fashion .

The little story of Noémi H.

Noémi cannot say when her passion for fashion design appeared. As far back as she can remember, launching her own clothing brand has always been her dream. Passionate and determined, she began sewing at the age of 13, then began studying fashion design at the CNDF in Quebec. Then, she continued her studies by completing a certificate in entrepreneurship and SME management at Laval University. Although her passion for design is very strong, Noémi H. describes herself as a “fashion entrepreneur” rather than a designer. She has a clear focus on what she does and where she wants to take her brand from, and works very hard to make all of her ambitions come true.

The brand

Allcovered is a brand designed and manufactured in Quebec that aims to last over time and offer timeless clothing to young businesswomen. At Allcovered, fashion is synonymous with art, aesthetics and individuality; it is unique to each person. Contrary to the trend of recent years in the fashion industry, Allcovered does not believe in the ephemerality of styles. This is why none of the pieces are categorized by season. The brand has the desire to offer durable pieces that will survive the years, season after season, accompanying the person who wears them through the different stages of their life.

In addition to selling its products online , Allcovered offers to design each of the custom pieces according to the measurements of the customers, at no additional cost.

More than one string to his bow

The young businesswoman is working full-time on expanding her brand, but has also set up a second component: business services . Allcovered therefore offers a personalized service to support companies in the creation, preparation, production and finalization of their projects. Whether it is for the creation of models, the production of technical sheets, the design of patterns, and much more, Noémi offers tailor-made contracts adapted to the reality and needs of its partners.

high aspirations

There is no shortage of ideas and projects for the young entrepreneur. Noémi has accomplished more than she hoped for in such a short time, but she has a clear plan of what she wants to achieve in the next few years. In particular, she aspires to make Allcovered an internationally recognized brand and to continue developing its service to businesses. One of his biggest dreams would be to collaborate in the creation of new brands which will also become international.

The year 2017 is therefore under the sign of novelty for the young entrepreneur. She has just hired her first seamstress to better meet demand and has taken possession of her new commercial premises, which houses her workshop as well as a showroom to welcome customers.

For more information on this superb brand with the wind in its sails, consult its member profile !

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with Noémi to visit her new showroom:

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