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At the heart of the company: Castor et compagnie

Au cœur de l’entreprise : Castor et compagnie

Smart, colorful and well-thought-out tools

Since September 2015, Castor et compagnie , from Mont-Saint-Grégoire, has been offering you a range of well thought-out products and colorful routines. Following their third maternity leave, Marie-Lyne and Mélanie, also authors , decided to join forces to create a stimulating workplace where creativity, mutual aid and respect for the environment would be at the rendezvous. -YOU. The two mother-entrepreneurs have thus developed the concept of the pictorial routine, to help “go through the transitions of the day smoothly”.

The two dynamic and passionate entrepreneurs have created visual supports that illustrate the different sequences of the day, to facilitate the routine of parents and children. With the support of a child psychologist, they reinvented the pictograms in order to transform them into playful and decorative elements! Children are attracted by the colors, designs and format of the tiles: the educational tool quickly becomes a game! And for parents? It is also a beautiful decoration to show off - with its wood and its beautiful designs.
In addition to interesting and entertaining children, this 100% Quebec product is sustainable, local, of high quality and comes with unparalleled customer service. Resistant, the tools are printed on wood with inks without toxic products and the varnish used is water-based.

Sustainable and creative tools

Entirely made in Quebec, Castor et compagnie's communication tools facilitate family management and parent-child communication. Marie-Lyne and Mélanie also wanted to highlight their environmental awareness by focusing on sustainable products, using wood and favoring the aesthetic and decorative aspect.

Their objective? Follow the child's development and create tools that help those around you while making everyday life easier. With Beaver Day, for example, you find the daily routine for children aged 2 to 5, and additional tiles are available to personalize your tool. Passionate and creative, the two entrepreneurs communicate their innovative ideas brilliantly.

Local and educational growth

The company is currently working on the development of new tools, the unveiling of which is scheduled for the beginning of April. Now added to the pictorial routines will be a chore chart and a week planner for children ages 5 and up, to reinforce responsibilities, weekly challenges, attitude, privileges and schedules.

Castor et compagnie also plans to market a clothing routine for parents and educators. Their objective would be to offer different communication tools according to the children's environment, with or without particular challenges, thus providing colorful and effective educational elements.

Over the next few months, Castor et compagnie wishes to make itself known to schools and daycare centres, which represents a major challenge. With their range of current and future products, Castor et compagnie can really make a difference in your day. So let yourself be charmed!

For more information on Castor et compagnie's products and company, consult its member profile !

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