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At the heart of the company - Natis

Au cœur de l’entreprise - Natis

With the speed at which my children get dirty, the number of loads to wash, washcloths to fold and little faces to wipe, I dare not imagine what this job can represent in the middle of early childhood. Isabelle Poirier was interested in it to the point of making it her profession.

Bibs, bibs, aprons, sheets and blankets, covers… “Daycare centres, preschool and primary establishments, daycare services and day camps need these supplies, but there are very few companies that make them” , explained to me Isabelle, who founded Natis in 2014. “The products are much more washed, dried and handled than at home; therefore, they must be durable, safe and easy to use. »


Located in St-Mathieu-de-Belœil, Isabelle's company strives to maintain an all-Quebec production, despite less local expertise. "It was a big challenge to find the right business partners in a field where imports have taken over. Prices are also an issue because our customers generally buy several units at a time. The price range must remain competitive. »

Challenge met for Isabelle, who won the first local prize in the Operation, transformation, production category as part of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest in 2015!

“It's possible to produce here while being competitive, but it's not easy and we have to be creative. »
–Isabelle Poirier


It is by observing toddlers and educators that Isabelle has developed her products so that they are 100% adapted to their daily needs. They are also a great source of inspiration for her, as are her business partners and collaborators, as well as her father, who unfortunately died in 2015. She admits to having a weakness for the former dragon Danièle Henkel. “She is both determined and authentic, in addition to showing great sensitivity towards others. »


Mother of two young children aged 3 and 6, Isabelle knows a lot about balancing work and family. " It is not always obvious. My spouse is very present and does a lot to allow me to realize my dream. I am extremely grateful. »

The one who spent many sleepless nights working on her project admits to having delegated little at the start and to having taken care of all facets of her business on her own. “In 2017, my watchword is focus, balance, family… and sleep! »

Consult Natis' Signé Local member page to learn more about this exceptional company!

Photos: Isabelle Poirier

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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