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Inside the Company – RISE Kombucha

Au cœur de l’entreprise – RISE Kombucha

I could walk five miles on my knees for a RISE Kombucha , mint flavor and chlorophyll. This impression of drinking a sip of sunshine is, all in all, quite accurate since this sparkling fermented tea comes from a culture of yeasts and bacteria (or “mother”) brought back clandestinely from Hawaii!

In 2007, globetrotters Mathieu Gallant and David Côté discovered kombucha in the heart of the Pacific. They liked it so much that they brought a mother piece back to Montreal to start production of this drink. The first bottles were for friends, but soon word spread and they had to increase production to meet the growing demand.

“We left Mile-End and moved to Saint-Léonard to significantly increase our production. The demand is so strong that we must constantly adjust and produce more and more! – Julian Giacomelli, President, RISE Kombucha

Kombucha is a drink with a unique personality that has unparalleled digestive benefits: it contains more than 400 million living organisms, helping to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. RISE's kombucha is refreshing, organic and available in six delicious flavors. It's even said to help get you back on track when you've eaten too much, partied too much, or slept badly. A veritable fountain of youth… in a bottle!

RISE Kombucha products are available in over 5,000 outlets across Canada, including traditional grocery stores, health food stores, convenience stores, universities, yoga studios and more.

For President Julian Giacomelli, creativity, perseverance and open-mindedness are essential qualities in entrepreneurship. “You have to know how to let go, be honest and realistic and, above all, be ready for anything! The one who has business in his blood (and probably a little kombucha) says he is largely inspired by the companies Patagonia (a Californian technical clothing company, created by Yvon Chouinard in 1972) and Innocent Drinks (an English drinks brand, known for its smoothies ) as well as dance, life and its diversity.

What about work-family balance? “Why do we have to separate them? It is quite possible to integrate your work into your daily life and your family life without it becoming a heavy task, ”says Julian Giacomelli. “On the other hand, the extraordinary cannot be created without putting a lot of effort into it and presenting a clear vision of your project. »

And projects, Julian Giacomelli does not dare to consider others for the moment. “All my attention is currently focused on RISE, but if you ask me what my wildest dream would be, I would say that of sailing around the world. »

Crossing my arms behind my head, I too find myself dreaming of a sailboat gliding on a green sea… the color of kombucha mint and chlorophyll!

Learn more about the beautiful history of Quebec fermented tea by visiting RISE Kombucha's Signé Local member page!

Photos: RISE Kombucha

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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