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Le coffret de rachel

The madness of subscriptions in the form of monthly boxes delivered to homes has taken hold of Quebec for a while now. We find in particular beauty products, culinary discoveries from here and elsewhere, DIY sets, fashion accessories and even candy! Based on the concept of the Dollar Shave Club , consumers who subscribe to this type of service can determine the frequency of delivery. The Montreal company specializing in fashion tights , Rachel's box, was created according to this business model by three visionary entrepreneurs.

Having followed the company's journey since its founding, as well as its highly publicized appearance on the show Dans l'œil du dragon , I was more than enthusiastic to chat with Mélanie, one of the founders. The story behind Rachel's Box is that of three young professionals.

Mélanie, Carolyne and Alyeska discover a common problem: what to wear today? Looking for a business idea based on e-commerce, they then realized that tights are the perfect accessory to renew their wardrobe. "We quickly realized that tights were the perfect product for the monthly box , because you don't have to try them on, their lifespan is limited, they're a recurring need and the 'sending by mail is very easy and inexpensive,' says Mélanie on this subject.

Complementary business partners

The partnership between the three women is based on the strengths and expertise of each. My interlocutor gives me their portrait: “Alyeska is relationship-oriented, she is the one in charge of operations and customer service. Carolyne demonstrates leadership, it is she who establishes the vision of the company and our objectives. And I am the creative, the one in charge of artistic direction and marketing. Together, we create a whole. »

Le Coffret de Rachel

Credit: Rachel's Box

The avatar at the service of customers

For Mélanie and her two friends, it was important to humanize the customer experience. This is where Rachel, this fictional character, appeared. Mélanie introduces her to me with enthusiasm and pride: “Rachel is the expert advisor who knows fashion trends, she's the friend who suggests us during our shopping spree”. Moreover, the blog was created with the aim of inspiring customers in their clothing habits. Following the questionnaire on habits and interests that subscribers complete when creating their profile, Rachel will send them the tights, socks or leggings adapted to each of them month after month.

Although 50% of the company's sales are attributed to the monthly subscription, it is also possible to order products individually. But Mélanie warns me “it is very common for clients to subscribe afterwards”. You will have been warned!

Personalization and audience choice

As Mélanie mentions, the company attaches great importance to the personalization of orders and products. For a few months now, it has been possible for Facebook subscribers to vote for their favorite style which will be included in the collection. This proximity to its virtual community is becoming more and more important for Rachel's box, thus making the customer experience more meaningful.

Rachel's Box

Credit: Rachel's Box

A company with local values

The three entrepreneurs have made it their mission to educate consumers about foreign auction-type shopping sites on the Internet. In addition to obtaining a lower quality product, this habit has important environmental consequences. The promotion of local purchasing and sustainable development are two values ​​carried by the founders of Rachel's box. Mélanie mentions in particular the partnerships that she has established with various designers, brands or Montreal companies in the creation of the various lookbooks . Also, the company is working on a nylon recycling project in collaboration with Collège Montmorency.

For the next few years, Mélanie confides that she wants to diversify the range of fashion accessories “for the moment, the company specializes in legwear, but there is nothing excluded for the future”. The businesswomen are targeting the North American market over a 5-year horizon. But for now, let me remind you that fall is the perfect season to walk around in tights!

Take a look at their Signé Local member profile .

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