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Little knits that keep you warm!

Des p’tits tricots qui gardent bien au chaud!

To stay warm, nothing better than wrapping yourself in a cozy and comfortable knit. In addition, the knits are timeless and adapt to several outfits. Here is a selection of woolens to prepare for winter, in style!

Wolf Sweater

Located in Lévis, the Chandail de Loup company creates and manufactures one by one clothing, jewelry and accessories bearing its logo, the wolf's head. My favorite goes to the super comfortable wool socks with the traditional red band, but which also come in pink and black. No question of having frozen feet!

Little knits that keep you warm! - wolf sweater

Wolf Sweater


Made from organic and recycled natural fibres, SWENN 's soft and warm sweaters are hand-knit with extra-fine merino wool and respect the environment in their design. Inspired by the traditional clothing of fishermen, they go well with a wool tuque or a Breton miki and are very versatile.

Little knits that keep you warm! - SWENN


Fiber and me

La Fiber et moi offers high quality shawls and scarves made of alpaca wool. Offered in several styles, my preference is for scarves that combine different patterns and colors. An accessory that keeps you warm, but goes perfectly with any outfit.

Little knits that keep you warm! - Fiber and me

fiber and me


In its most recent collection, Maillagogo presents a nice selection of clothes in fall colors. Among the sweaters, skirts and jackets, it was the Knitted sweater that caught my attention for its texture, its high collar and its choice of shades. Impossible not to feel good in this kind of knitting!

Little knits that keep you warm! - Maillagogo


Charlevoix Pure Wool

Made of wool recovered after shearing sheep from Charlevoix farms, but also from elsewhere in Quebec, Charlevoix Pure Laine products give a second life to this precious fleece that would have been thrown away. Stockings, toques, mittens… the company has a whole range of accessories to better face the cold.

Little knits that keep you warm! - Charlevoix Pure Wool

Charlevoix Pure Wool

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