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Druide: almost 40 years of softening the skin

Druide : près de 40 ans à adoucir la peau

My ecological conscience and my concern for the environment lead me to constantly check the origin of the products I consume. I like to know what is in the composition of my creams, soaps and co. Through my professional experience in a natural products grocery store, I discovered Druide products on the shelves for the first time. It was a pleasure to speak with Catherine Pilon, the commercial director of the company and to see the progress of Druide and its products for almost 40 years! One of the fascinating points of Druide is that it is the first North American body care company to be certified by ECOCERT .

Once upon a goat and his leftover milk

The story of the beginnings of this organic company is based on the vision of the founder Mr. Alain Renaud, who was working on a dairy farm at the time. To counter the loss of milk from his goats, he wanted to develop a product using this raw material in the design of soaps. “One thing leading to another, a whole range has developed since 1979,” Catherine explains to me. The original product line is still kept, since it is the cornerstone of the project, while the rest of the products are considered vegan.

In May 2018 Protégez-vous, they were named the #1 product among 387 moisturizers tested. Quite an accomplishment for the efforts made to preserve their organic products by respecting all the strict rules of this label . When we read the facts of this article and that "barely 6% of the products evaluated are free of substances potentially harmful to health and the environment" (excerpt taken from the Protégez-vous website), to be able to trust this marks on our skin, that's why the demand is higher than the supply! Organic, environmental protection, zero waste, back to basics, all these terms which are now becoming recognized and beneficial lifestyles lead the population to seek selective, high-end products with a social conscience. People want to know the composition of what they buy and knowing that behind each Druide product, a team is working in the laboratories to develop even more for our well-being is reassuring.

A research and development laboratory

Behind every idea and every product, there is a research and development team that works in the laboratories to always find better fair trade ingredients, inspired by the herbal medicine of the American and European first nations. Their goal is to help us preserve the hygiene, health and beauty of our bodies by offering non-toxic beauty products. The products are still bottled manually, the drying of the raw materials is done on shelves and they try to find an innovative way and in symbiosis with their values ​​in order to be able to manufacture more to meet the ever-growing demand, thus allowing them to continue the conquest at the international. The team is waiting for our government to finally position itself and establish clear protocols that will allow consumers to be better informed of the content of products in their pharmacy. Remember that only 6% of 387 moisturizers are considered healthy and safe for our health and the environment . In the laboratories, Catherine points out to me that “the time has come to update the facilities in order to be more efficient while preserving the artisanal aspect”. Also, you can expect to see a change in their image for the 40th . The packaging, still with a high rating on the recycling aspect of the plastics used, will be standardized in order to better recognize the branding on the shelves.

Values ​​at the heart of all decisions

Catherine is one of those people who learned by working. It was when she worked in commerce that she discovered her interest in this sector of activity. Her strong interest in health, the outdoors and the medical aspect leads her to question herself and to want to ensure the quality of what she consumes, and also, what she puts forward. . Druide presented itself as an opportunity to work to develop organic products in one of the major pioneering companies in Quebec. His personal values ​​fit perfectly with those of the company. She learned “su'l tas” as they say, to always push her questions further, to seek customer satisfaction and to offer the best of herself and the product. The company seeks to surround itself with people, partners, collaborators and customers who adhere to their vision and their mission: "to offer care that respects both humans and the earth" mentions Catherine with a certain excitement and important consideration for the customer. It is a love story between the land, tradition and innovation with respect for the human body and our land.

The customer as a partner

As the emphasis is placed on the research and development of new products, procedures and manufacturing techniques, Druide must position itself on the market by maintaining an increased presence at trade shows, exhibitions and other markets. They are partners and participants of the Expo Manger Santé , since this allows them to come into direct contact with their customers and make themselves known to the general public. Each year, they seek to stand out in these events both locally and provincially. This is how they develop a feeling of closeness with their buyers, who become ambassadors, partners in their success. They attach great importance to their partnerships, whether it is the grocery store that sells their products, the village shop that offers their ranges or the customer who uses the good old word-of-mouth technique to praise the merits of their creams. Each intermediary propels them to develop better.

In the crosshairs of the international

For two years, the Quebec brand has been seducing Bordeaux residents. Products are also exported to Switzerland, China and Taiwan. Catherine dreams of seeing Druide products offered wherever demand is growing, of being able to continue to provide a high quality product to customers who value and are looking for an organic product. We can see that the strength of this company rests on many people, including employees, managers, partners and customers. Synergy, passion, teamwork and research are the words that encompass the motivation behind the Druide team.

Reviewed by Catherine

photo credits: Druid

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