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Gentlemen: at the heart of the company

Gentilshommes : au coeur de l'entreprise

Almost all the women I know have their favorite skin care routine and products. Probably you too! But what about these gentlemen?

With my man, I was able to see that there is a world between the products offered by gender. Rather odd considering men's growing interest in self-care. This gap in the offer, Tommy Diotte, the friendly bearded man who hides behind Gentilshommes, saw it right away!

Credit: Gentlemen

A simple start

Having always worked in the field of advertising and automotive aesthetics, Tommy decided one day to refocus. As an enthusiast, he made the choice to go back to school. His goal: to live from what drives him.

Combined with his new choices, he therefore decided to follow the movement and grow a beard! To maintain it, he turned to online shopping, but the products did not satisfy him 100%. Too fragrant. Too expensive. Too disappointing. Quickly, he went to seek advice from his mother, who had done several training courses in herbalism out of interest.

So he groped his way through trial and error to develop a product worthy of what he was looking for. Several readings and many attempts later, he held something unique. He was then able to see the popularity of the product with those close to him and its potential on the market.

An autodidact who is not shy

Once the first product was tested and appreciated, Tommy developed its marketing. With a vague idea in mind, he drew sketches for his future logo. He was looking for a classy lumberjack look for today's businessman: uncombed hair with a timeless bow tie would represent Gentilshommes. A brand image with a unique character and without prejudice.

Once the marketing mission was completed, he pushed his limit further. Without experience, he planned to develop his own boxes and wooden combs. A few 3D drawings later, he obtained the necessary equipment for his creations. “It was a risky bet as I'm really not a manual person, and the products are complex to produce. I am proud to say that everything is made here, by me, from A to Z.”

For the development of its products, Tommy follows on a regular basis several improvements. For shaving products, he spent more than 500 hours drawing inspiration through his research from what is done in Europe in order to refine his knowledge. The production is always done in the laboratory and then comes the Health Canada approval . No need to tell you how impressed I was with how easy it was to learn.

A dazzling and unexpected popularity

After 10 months of relentless development, Gentilshommes was born on May 15, 2015. In the first week following the launch, nearly 150 bottles had been sold. The market's response was dazzling and far beyond his expectations. What was initially designed for personal use has become a passion and a full-time job.

Credit: Gentlemen

Moreover, to celebrate his first two years of operation, Tommy was exceedingly proud to say that more than 14,000 orders had been made. In addition to shipping to Quebec, he feels fortunate to have customers from Australia, the United States, New Zealand and so on!

The message is clear. Gentilshommes manages to interest the ordinary man, the simple worker and the father of a family. The diversity of the products offered has a lot to do with it. Currently, you can get products for the beard (oils, balms, combs, shampoos) and for shaving (soaps, razors, brushes, blades, bowls). The success is also attributable to the magnificent thematic boxes that are offered. They can be found for occasions such as Christmas or Father's Day.

Head full of projects

When I asked Tommy about his plans for the future, I saw stars in his eyes. He is currently working on a handmade straight razor blade project. It would like to roll out more affordable sampler sets as well as body products. He would like to refine his brand image and rework his label to continue to stand out. Between two projects, I was treated to a little scoop … A new wooden box for beard oil will be offered for Father's Day!

During the interview, I fell in love with the entrepreneur with his unwavering will. I felt his passion and how much he had rushed to realize his beautiful project. Of course, he would like to mention that his success is mainly due to the people who surrounded him so well. His greatest wish for the future would be to continue to make himself known again and again!

Looking for a gift for Father's Day or want to learn more about Gentilshommes unique products, visit their member page .

Cover: Gentlemen

Reviewed by Maud Duchesne

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