Complete guide: Decorating the children's room with "Made in Quebec"

guide complet-décorer-chambre-enfant-fait-au-quebec

In Quebec, more and more artisans offer products at affordable prices for children's rooms We have grouped together, in this file, artisans offering quality Quebec products that can decorate your child's room: furniture, storage, lighting, bedding, toys and other decorative items. We also had fun creating layouts to inspire you and help you in this task which can sometimes be a source of anxiety.

The furniture

For furniture, we offer two responsible tenant choices: furniture made in Quebec or used furniture. In the first case, you ensure the quality. Your piece of furniture will be able to serve your great-grandchildren, it will be magnificent, solid and will carry a story. You pay more, but you encourage local artisans. And anyway, all quality furniture is expensive. A simple look in children's stores will prove it to you. Second choice, you opt for the used. It's economical and eco-responsible, because you don't encourage overconsumption. On kijiji , used furniture is most of the time in very good condition, you will only see fire, pay half the price in stores and give back to a family, like yours, who can spoil themselves in his grocery store!

As for furniture, you will need a bed or a crib, a chest of drawers for clothes and, if you wish, a piece of furniture (shelf, bookcase or other) for books, toys , stuffed animals or decorative objects.

cowboy sam kids furniture

Photo Credit: Cowboys Sam

The lights

A ceiling light, a lamp and a night light. Lighting is a great way to let your creativity run wild! Whether it's a subtle light fixture, a sheep-shaped lamp or a wooden night light, the possibilities are endless and the result is sure to be a hit.

Night light, watch over you

Night light, watch over you

Tidying up

Here, let your imagination run wild. Whether it's just a chest of drawers or a nice toy bag, you don't have to limit yourself to traditional storage options. An entrance bench can become a small shelf within your child's reach. Or, a plant cabinet can become your toy storage!


Second possibility to bring out your theme: blankets, comforters and other cushions. Once again, the possibilities abound and Quebec craftsmen are numerous enough to integrate them into your bedding!

Games and toys

Without transforming the bedroom into a playroom, it is possible to leave some stuffed animals, books or small toys there which will also serve as decoration. For example, wooden games are not only stimulating and quality games, but they are also beautiful and can add a little cachet to your decoration.


Whether it is the walls, the frames, the small decorative objects or temporary elements, such as candles or flowers, it is in the decoration that you will put the final touch to this room.


The theme room

Animals, sailors, princes and princesses... You want to stay classic and opt for children's themes and colours. You can either choose a theme or go with one color and mix themes.

The theme ideas are endless and pinterest will become your best friend: animals, clouds, sailor, sea, princes and princesses, lumberjack, fruits and vegetables, flowers, etc.

animal theme

complete guide-decorate-kids-room-made-in-quebec-animals

Photos: Crochet Milie animal mobile, Fox to assemble Sofs Création , Leo night light Watch over you, Sims The Vinyl Maker self-adhesive mural, Zazibel lion plush , Eco&Eco organic cotton blanket, Old Shack Design poster

Nautical theme

complete guide-decorate-kids-room-made-in-quebec-nautical

Photos: Posters like a fish by Élisabeth Provencher , Origami turtles by Kozouf , Bag, Swan to be assembled by Sofs Création , Sailor night light by Veille sur toi , Beluga soft toy by Papoum Papoum , Poster Pigeons Letterpress

astronaut theme

complete guide-decorate-kids-room-made-in-quebec-astronaut

Photos: Astronaut mobile Crochet Milie , Rocket night light Watch over you, Moon night light Watch over you, Recycled&Distinguished custom-made furniture, RINO wall sticker, Old Shack Design wall poster

The minimalist bedroom

Are you a minimalist? You don't want to clutter up? Perfect! Several objects can be omitted without too much trouble: the changing table, the range of toys and stuffed animals...

To accompany this good resolution, you can keep the decoration at its simplest: white walls, light furniture and one or two items that will bring life to this child's room.

complete guide-decorate-kids-room-made-in-quebec-minimalist

Photos: Bubble and Balloon garland , Laura crochet by Les attieuses , Kozouf origami butterflies , Rainbow night light Veille sur toi , Dolce Bianca cushion , Black and Wood minimalist crochet , OVA cabinetmaking furniture , Woodstock & cie shelf

The geometric room

Right now pinterest is very excited about all things geometric. It's trendy and it's quite timeless, so it's hard to go wrong by choosing this path. The light fixture, wall sconces and one or two small decorative objects will help you achieve this theme. But be careful not to abuse it. As with everything, moderation is always best.

Photos: Black and Wood Triangle Clock, Bubble and Balloon Mobile , Orange Mountain Illustration from Twenty-six June , Luxart Concrete Table Lamp , LamEric Design Concrete Table , Geometric Carpet from Tapis Tapis, Léo's Workshop Baskets , Milya cushion cover by AUB&CO ,

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Cover photo by Kozouf

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