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Yup, the time of year you've all been looking forward to is back: holiday gift exchanges. Whether it's an exchange with family, friends, or at the office… we can't make it!

Some exchanges are done on the fly, without knowing who will receive the gift you choose, while for others, you must select a gift for a specific person. Without knowing for whom we are providing the famous gift, or even when we do not know (or not well) the person for whom it is intended, it can be difficult to distinguish between things and choose a present that will please him. Whether your gift is part of a Chinese exchange or a “Secret Santa” exchange, this guide will inspire you!

For the person… who likes to pamper themselves

We all need time for ourselves from time to time. Why not give someone a reason to enjoy their next #selfcaresunday ?

Bath bombs by Saponaria

The advantage of bath bombs is that they can be used for decoration as well as for a moment of relaxation. Saponaria offers a wide variety of fragrances for its bath bombs, and also offers gift sets.

Price: $6.95/unit; boxes from $15 to $40

Candles by 4 Elements

Candles are often a gift considered a "safe bet" during gift exchanges: they beautify any environment, from the living room to the bedroom, including the bathroom and the office, and give off a pleasant aroma, giving a comforting aspect to the atmosphere of a room. That said, the great advantage of 4 Elements candles is that they are made from soy wax and do not contain toxic products.

Price: $20 to $40/unit

Hand balm by Bkind

Bkind offers a variety of care products for the face, body, hair and even for the home. These products are natural, vegan, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Their hand balms would be the perfect gift for an exchange, especially if you want to give your gift a sentimental touch. For a more elaborate gift, it is also possible to combine several products, or buy one of their sets.

Price: $15.95/unit; set of hand balms $34.95

For the person… who is a “foodie”

One of the most popular gifts in gift exchanges, as well as a unifying agent during the holidays: food and drink. So why not choose something that will spark conversations?

Popcorn by Bepop

When we think of popcorn seasoning, we typically think of butter and salt. Bepop offers an alternative concept that will stimulate the taste buds: seasoned popcorn. Flavors of BBQ, mucho nacho, herb salt, or cinnamon sugar; one thing is certain, the tasting will not be boring!

Price: $5.25 to $6.95/unit

Seasonings to cut by Ocni

Here's a concept you don't see every day: spice sticks that get sharp! Defined by Ocni as “unidentified edible objects”, seasoning your meal here takes on a new meaning. Various flavors to explore!

Price: $15/unit; pack of three $30

Maple syrup products by blanc par rouGe

In Quebec, maple syrup is part of our daily life, just like poutine or shepherd's pie. Blanc par RouGe gives you a different reason to enjoy maple syrup in the kitchen by offering maple syrup-based products: maple BBQ sauce, maple and chili jelly, maple vinaigrette, maple butter, Maple and on to it. Whether it's for a sweet, savory or spicy dish, there's something for everyone!

Price: individual products $5.25 to $22.95; boxes $35 to $50

For the person… fan of “life hacks”

These suggestions will satisfy fans of "life hacks", people looking to simplify their lives, or to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

Cleansing wipes by Kliin

Kliin offers a variety of reusable paper towels with fun designs! The average price of a roll of paper towels in Canada being $1.58, a household using one roll per month will spend an average of $18.96 per year for this product, not to mention the impact on the environment. . This zero waste alternative will therefore also allow the person who will receive your gift to save money! A great win-win solution.

Price: $4.99/unit; sets from $9.99 to $24.99

Wax wrappers by DulceBee

Increasingly popular, wax wrappers are perfect for wrapping fresh produce, as well as various dishes and containers. They are reusable and therefore reduce the use of plastic; just clean them under cold water with a little bit of dish soap, and they're ready to go again!

Price: Pack of 4 for $25

Cutlery kits and straws for zero waste lunch by Atessa Boutique

No need to take single-use plastic utensils from the cafeteria at lunchtime: Atessa Boutique utensils will allow their owner to pursue a zero waste lifestyle! Some of their sets also come with reusable stainless steel straws and its cleaning brush. Take the opportunity to choose one of their reusable gift wraps!

Price: cutlery/straw kits $30 to $40; reusable packaging $20 to $30

For the person… hyper organized and motivated

Do you have a colleague, friend or loved one who smiles all the time? Who always has an inspirational phrase in hand to cheer you up? Who drags his diary everywhere? If so, the ideas below are for you!

Inspirational stickers by motivop

Here's a great idea for someone who enjoys promoting a positive attitude: mirror, computer and other stickers featuring motivational messages. "Everything is possible", "Follow your dreams, they know the way", and "Do what you love, love what you do" are just some of the messages you will find at motivop.

Price: Stickers for mirrors – $3.49/unit; packages from $9.99 to $29.99
Computer stickers – $3.50/unit
Assorted sticker collections – $4.99

Notebooks by Pigeon

A perfect gift for those office chats, because who doesn't need to jot down notes every once in a while? This gift will enhance the office of one of your colleagues.

Price: $11.50 to $18.50/unit, packs $24 to $28

The 2020 Planner by Pomango

This booklet contains colorful and creative images, motivational stickers, a notepad, and even inspirational quotes and spaces to write down monthly goals. The perfect gift for someone who likes to write down their thoughts and plans and keeps track of everything.

Price: $19.99

For the eccentric person

We all know that person who has everything, who needs nothing, or who is a bit eccentric. Or maybe you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary gift. Here are some suggestions for you!

Origamic decorations by Kozouf

Here is a really unique idea: origami in decoration. If you are looking to offer the never-seen as a gift, Kozouf has what you need. You will find origami creations there, with the possibility of buying versions stored in small bells or light bulbs, but also various small pots (empty pockets) and pencil holders.

Price: origamic decorations starting at $4.50/unit; decorations in bells or bulbs from $34.95 to $59.95/unit; trinket trays and pencil holders from $14.95 to $24.95

Tasting tray by Atelier Unik-Art

The presentation dish is an object whose usefulness we appreciate, but whose look is often similar. At Unik-Art, you will find a tasting tray for cheese in the original shape… of Gruyère!

Price: $29

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Ariane Blondin

Reviewed by Marie-Pascale

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