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Idos 42.2: The essential for runners

Idos 42.2 : L’incontournable des coureurs

The first time I met Isabelle Dos Santos, the founder of Idos42.2 , was during Expo Fait in Quebec last December. I then had the chance to talk to her during my research for the article The cost behind the product 3: local fashion and it was an immediate crush. It is with a contagious smile and eyes sparkling with passion that she carefully presents to me the different pieces of her collection designed for runners, by runners.


A graduate in operations management and a workplace trainer (skills development management), Isabelle taught at LaSalle College and Marie-Victorin before becoming a manager for various large manufacturing companies, including CCM Sport Maska and Le Cirque du Soleil. A seasoned manager, Isabelle has a highly developed manual and creative side, although she is very organized and skilled with numbers.

Isabelle Dos Santos, founder of Idos42.2

A sportswoman at heart, she practiced swimming as well as several competitive sports for many years before injuring her shoulder and undergoing surgery. She therefore has no choice but to turn to another sport: running.

Isabelle had never raced before. Even she hated running. “I started by running 1km…then 2km…I finally continued until I got the injection and became a marathon runner! “, she confides to me.

Credit: Idos42.2

She quickly realizes that no product on the market suits her. Either they lack pockets, scuff it under the arms, or make it too hot. So she starts chatting with other runners only to realize that they all have the same problems. She starts some tests for her, at home. She takes clothes available on the market and "patents" them to suit her needs. Slowly, Idos42.2 is born.


Credit: Idos42.2

The main objective behind Idos42.2?

“Make the products as effective and comfortable as possible”. The entrepreneur wants to “eliminate as many disruptive elements as possible during the race so that the runner can concentrate solely on his stride. ". Isabelle mentions that participating in a marathon requires a lot of concentration on the part of the runner and that he must not lose his focus because he has to replace clothing or take it off because it is too hot. It concentrates its development efforts on the basic pieces, including as many elements as possible on the same product.

One of my favorites is the long-sleeved jersey, which has built-in mittens. What could be more practical during a race when the weather cools down a bit!

Isabelle wishes to offer sober and classic products that remain in time. She wants her client “to always be able to find the products he likes, but in an improved version”. That's why she doesn't release tons of new products every season. It works very hard to surpass the functionality of current products by offering the same quality and the same high-performance fabrics, season after season.

To learn more about the brand, go to its member page !

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