Invocation, traditions and know-how

Invocation Canada, Traditions et Savoir-faire

At Invocation , we are enveloped by the scent of essential oils and plant extracts. The company creates and distributes products and perfumes developed according to know-how, knowledge and the traditional philosophy of America as well as French perfumery.

At the beginning

It was during trips to European lands, where global and holistic health is a little more part of people's daily lives, that the creator of Invocation, Luc Bourgault (Aigle Bleu), had an encounter that changed his life. There, a father and his son, the Roudnitskas, had knowledge of fragrant raw materials and their composition. It was therefore with them, in huge fields filled with various plant species, that Aigle Bleu was introduced to the vast world of perfumery.

But creativity is often born of constraints. Indeed, Mr. Bourgault was called upon quite regularly to treat Amerindians from the Far North hospitalized in medical centers in Quebec. Often they were placed in the intensive care unit after an operation. It was impossible then to perform a ritual purification with the smoke of cedar, sage and sweetgrass. Then came the government preventing bans on any units. Luc Bourgault had to think of an alternative. Knowledge in hand and combination of circumstances, this is how the Invocation company materialized in 1999.


Credit: Invocation

So what now?

Today, Invocation offers a range of completely natural fragrances, without preservatives or synthetic fragrances. The alcohol used is vegetable and the sweet smells, so characteristic of their products, come from the distillation or maceration of plants. All orchestrated by passionate alchemists in the laboratory.

They make seven body perfumes so far. Two of them are called “Essentials”: ​​Chiiyaam (the star product) and Miwah.

Invocation Canada, Traditions and Know-How

Chiiyaam Range

Chiiyaam, an Algonquin word meaning "peace", promotes relaxation, calm and serenity.

Miwah meanwhile is the diminutive of Miwahïmoon , an Algonquin word meaning "natural product that promotes well-being and brings energy". This First Essence is more feminine than the Chiiyaam; it accompanies him perfectly on a daily basis because it stimulates creativity and enthusiasm, attracting beneficial energies or favorable circumstances.

The other five perfumes are associated with the elements of the Native American tradition of North America: Earth (ASCHIIY), Water (NIPPIIY), Wind (YUUTIN), Fire (ISKUTAAU) and Sacred Sound (PATAKWIN), element through which all the others dance.

All fragrances have an Algonkian name. In fact, it is following studies and several observations that we can realize the link that exists between the emotions we experience on a daily basis and the 5 elements. Thus, the Earth is there to secure and anchor, the Water brings fluidity and bravery, the Wind inspires positive changes and dispels sadness, the Fire brings passion and compassion and the Sacred Sound allows synthesis and connection to our unit.

A mini Econo-Museum

In addition to their boutique, Invocation has a mini Econo-Museum where you can learn about the history of perfume. “Normally, in a perfume, there are three notes, that of head, that of heart and that of bottom”, explains Priscilla Racette, responsible for the administration and the marketing of the company. Each note includes at least three ingredients. This means that by playing with nine of their sublime natural flavors, interesting synergies are possible! Among these, we find, for example, Cedar, Sweetgrass, Juniper and, of course, Sage.

Invocation Canada, Traditions and Know-How

Miwah range

Invocation Canada has recently been equipped with a panel of Essential Oils, which have also received special care so that their vibratory quality is at its best. They are recommended for olfactory well-being: preferably in diffusion.

We find purifying essences such as balsam fir, black spruce, white sage. But also sweeter or flowery notes. You will have the opportunity to browse their 7 categories and find the most suitable essences for you at the moment.

You have the choice between products for Relaxing, Energizing, Unifying, Anchoring, Purifying, Passion or Inspiration.

Summon Sweetgrass

Credit: Julie Houde-Audet Photography (Sweetgrass)

And finally, what's next?

Invocation ships to a dozen countries, including ours. Visit their website to find retailers near you, to find one or the other of these luxury herbs in your area. You can also order through their website .

In closing, you should know that the designers are planning to expand their product offering, adding new, more particular fragrances very soon: The Graces Perfume for women is already available, the other for men, Totem, is still available. in preparation for…

But in 2022, you will be surprised to discover BELLE!

A fresh and surprising fragrance!

Revisited in February 2022 by Ariane Lessard, in collaboration with Lefeuvre Nelly & Marie-Ève

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