Juliette is simple, simple meals to enjoy life

Juliette c’est simple, repas simples pour profiter de la vie

Juliette c'est simple was born out of a personal need to simplify life and to share around you ! With the hectic life, busy schedules, lack of time and sometimes lack of interest in cooking, Juliette c'est simple preparations make life easier for consumers. Delicious, easy and economical recipes are the key to the success of this young company which will soon be two years old. We had the great privilege of discovering the entrepreneur behind the brand, Julie Capistran, or as her friends like to call her, Juliette! Yes, the name of her company is simply the nickname she wears, accompanied by the qualifier of her recipes which are prepared with ease.

Julie Capistran, founder of Juliette c'est Simple

Julie Capistran, founder of Juliette c'est Simple

From a personal need to a thriving business

Julie Capistran has always had an interest in entrepreneurship. For a few years, when she was director for a botanical garden, she worked a lot and had to juggle her work and her family life. She didn't have enough time to accomplish everything she wanted, so she took advantage of her holidays to prepare menus to freeze so that she could enjoy them without hassle when she returned to work.

For Julie, it was important to eat well, to offer varied and healthy menus to her family and to maximize protein intake, while using quality foods, without adding dyes or other chemicals. On the other hand, cooking like this for the year certainly created a mess in the freezer. The entrepreneur therefore thought of a way to make simple, practical preparations that require less space in her freezer! This is how the first preparations for Juliette were born, it's simple, in plastic bags like Ziploc.

Julie has fun designing menus by mixing spices, vegetables and other ingredients. Soon, his friends start asking him for bags of his “so easy and simple” preparations in order to simplify their lives as well. Wanting to offer a “cuter” finished product, as the entrepreneur so aptly puts it, she took the opportunity to work on her packaging. Then, her project grew so much that she decided to embark on the adventure full-time and officially create her own business!

A diversified career

Thanks to her diversified background, Julie now manages each facet of her business. Her studies in communication and graphic design allowed her to create her own brand image and branding. This knowledge allows him to properly present his ideas, his products and to carry out all the stages of marketing. Loving to touch on several areas and looking for diversity, Julie also studied floristry, which led her to work in horticulture. "I like it when things move, I like to learn, I like diversity and I am fulfilled by all the areas that I have touched, it has given me the knowledge necessary for my business", Julie explains to me when 'she talks to me about her career path.

As for the administration, she learned more during her stay in a hospital. It was also during this period that she was approached by various companies seeking assistance in corporate restructuring. Through her strengths in administration and accounting, she has been able to help companies regain financial stability and grow their business. Her role as director of a botanical garden has allowed her to put all this into practice.

When Juliette c'est simple started , on January 31, 2019, Julie became her own boss! Today, despite the fact that she can do everything alone, she begins to feel the need to delegate. “I realize I'm wearing too many hats right now,” exclaims Julie when we talk about her role in the business!

A beautiful niche in a changing world

Juliette's preparations, it's simple, are found in a nice niche where there are few players. These preparations are colorless, reduced in sodium and easy to prepare. For Julie, it was essential to find suppliers who offered raw materials without dyes and without sulphites. She works with a nutritionist to keep sodium low in all of her products. “I have to make people aware of the difference between salty and seasoned,” the creative entrepreneur explains to me!

When launching her preparations, Julie was targeting a clientele between the ages of 30 and 50, in full professional growth, who lacked time. Today, she is surprised to see that her clientele is diverse: on the one hand, we find students who appreciate simple and tasty preparations, seniors who are losing interest in cooking and men! “I really have a lot of men who appreciate the formula of simple preparations to which they only have to add a few ingredients. adds Julie with a laugh!

With now 22 recipes, Juliette c'est simple wishes to introduce different flavors to its customers, such as its Moroccan casserole, its Indian soup , its rice flavored with oriental flavors or even its chili!

Corporate values ​​and zero waste

Juliette is simple, it's a good dose of human values ​​and a fight against food waste. Ecological values ​​are at the heart of this company. Product labels and bags are made from recycled and recyclable materials. “Of course the cost is higher for this type of product, but I really wanted to reduce my environmental impact,” says Julie with passion! This is also the reason behind the choice to use bags and not glass jars. It's easier to store, box and mail. It is also for these same values ​​that the preparations are mainly vegetable-based. They have a long shelf life and all offer suggestions for empty-fridge foods that can be incorporated into recipes. Leftovers can be easily frozen.

For desserts, she opts for lactose-free chocolate to reach the most people, as well as purer, less processed ingredients. With nearly thirty points of sale in Quebec and an online store, it is easy to get the products! Even children love to cook Juliette preparations, it's simple ! And Julie loves receiving videos of children cooking her recipes!

Juliette c'est simple responds to a popular need, that of taking more time for oneself and making our lives easier with simple and quick preparations. Given its growing popularity, Julie is in the process of expanding for 2021 in order to double the spaces, then hire a team to better meet demand! A great product to discover to maximize time with family, friends and for our personal activities! Practical, economical and simple, it's an all-purpose product to keep in our pantries for busy evenings or those lacking inspiration!

Reviewed by Marie-Pascale

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