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La Cuisine by Marie-Ève ​​Langlois: balancing business and family in a sweet and savory version

La Cuisine par Marie-Ève Langlois: conciliation affaires-famille en version passion sucrée-salée

During my lunch break, while contemplating the sweet and savory products of the Cuisine by Marie-Ève ​​Langlois on her site , I discovered the creator behind these spreads , these jellies and these granolas . In order to leave the world of catering and its atypical schedules, Marie-Ève ​​begins to manufacture products at home with the intention of selling them to those around her. Quickly, demand grew and Marie-Ève ​​began to consider setting up an online store and launching her own business. Accompanied by her sister who works part-time in the company, she offers gourmet and unique creations that know how to please locavores.

With her studies at the ITHQ in superior cuisine, Marie-Ève ​​worked in the restaurant industry for many years and with several establishments. Because of her passion for food, her desire to start a family and her willingness to manage her schedule, this entrepreneur takes matters into her own hands by creating spreads to sell around her. For the past year, she has devoted herself to it full time.

The Kitchen by Marie-Eve Langlois

The entrepreneurial spirit from father to daughter

"I've always had an entrepreneurial streak, the desire to be my own boss, even seeing my father working hard in his transportation business," Marie-Ève ​​explains to me, mentioning that she mainly aspired to avoid a fixed. “You have to be determined and motivated since there is no boss to watch over you,” she adds when discussing the challenges of being self-employed. She explains to me the importance of discipline since no boss is there to set the record straight when we lack motivation. Of course, whether it's creating custom recipes, designing labels or planning marketing, creativity is essential for Marie-Ève ​​Langlois.

The Kitchen by Marie-Eve Langlois

creative process

His time at Patrice pâtissier led him to rub shoulders with pastry chef Patrice Demers who inspired him enormously "by his way of standing out from the lot of classic designs in order to create something new, something original". Marie-Ève's inspiration comes to her at the time and then follows a development process in which the whole family participates. The chef prepares different recipes and the tasters vote on their favorite flavor. When the verdict is in, you have to create a label for the product and apply for permits from Aliments du Québec.

The Kitchen by Marie-Eve Langlois

Family life and business

Marie-Ève ​​wanted to start a family and couldn't envisage that when she worked in the restaurant industry. With her husband, they decided to buy a house and set up a compliant production workshop in their basement. Her boy is now 14 months old and Marie-Ève ​​is actively involved in all the important stages of his life. The entrepreneur can be close to her family at the same time, while devoting herself to her business. The biggest advantage is being there when her family needs her! When demand is greater and the workshop will have to expand, it will find its place in the new house, so that Marie-Ève ​​can continue to experience the best of both worlds.

The Kitchen by Marie-Eve Langlois

After three years on her own, Marie-Ève ​​wants to continue to improve her products, and also wants to add some products. She is currently studying the possibility of releasing a new range, which is still in the development phase. The entrepreneur says she sells as much on her online store as in her 60 points of sale. 2019 is for her the year in which she will approach new retailers in order to increase her sales potential. She also wants to continue to produce recipes especially for clients and to create personalized recipes.

During your next visit to the Signé Local boutique , I invite you to indulge your sweet tooth with the Cuisine by Marie-Ève ​​Langlois!

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