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La Fabrique Plantarom: the essence of well-being

La Fabrique Plantarom : l’essence du bien-être

In a telephone interview, I was enchanted by Sophie Conturla who told me the story behind the creation of La Fabrique Plantarom , her 100% natural and Quebec cosmetics and body products company.

Plants as a starting point

At the other end of the line, she shared with me her passion for her world: essential oils and plants. Her knowledge of this field is rooted in her French studies as a pharmacy assistant, a job she then practiced for nearly twenty years. “Through encounters and choices, I really immersed myself in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. My role was to design tailor-made recipes to relieve certain ailments. There is no equivalent in Quebec. »

Once she arrived here, she was not attracted by the Quebec pharmaceutical system, and she turned to naturopathy. In this regard, Sophie writes on her website : “After 4 years of training, I obtained a diploma in naturopathy. Proud member of the College of Naturopaths of Quebec since 2012, I practice this exciting profession in private consultation and I share my passion for essential oils through educational workshops on the benefits of aromatherapy to relieve daily ailments. »

La Fabrique Plantarom: the essence of well-being

Sophie Conturla, founder of La Fabrique Plantarom

Female entrepreneurship

“I speak to women. I invite them to take care of themselves. It is a philosophy of life, not just a cosmetic product. She then adds: “I want to make people travel, with the smells”. It is therefore quite logical that the starting point of each of the carefully crafted recipes is essential oils.

But the self-employed worker, how does she ensure that her lifestyle is in line with this philosophy? (Laughs.) “Entrepreneurship is tough, that's for sure. But it's also very positive. I have been doing what I have believed in for many years. I am sometimes overwhelmed, like everyone else, but my company is always there to remind me of the importance I place on self-care . »

She also tells me that she is very lucky to be well surrounded by her family, who have supported her since 2018 in her entrepreneurial desire. She also benefited from good advice from business friends. She also joined a group of businesswomen where "a creative and benevolent energy" reigns, according to Sophie.

“I find it important to trust your intuition. To go after your desires, not to minimize your dreams. Above all, you should never find yourself too much , ”she says as advice to those who would like to undertake.

The importance of details

Long before the current crisis, Sophie attached significant importance to buying local: “I have three children, I walk to get my groceries and I stay away from warehouse stores that sell wholesale. These values ​​transcend the company she founded in Montreal, since she uses the most local raw materials possible. Even the choice of glassware for the candles is made with a view to employing local people.

“I will never make a bubblegum product. This is not the essence of my business. All my products are turned towards nature. In addition to using plant ingredients and favoring floral aromas, Sophie pays great attention to the ecological aspect of her products. “I try to make decisions so that customers can reuse or recycle my packaging. I reuse a lot myself. On the other hand, it is very important that the visual aspect of my product retains an elegant and luxurious character. That's why I use cornstarch balls in my shipping boxes rather than recycling newspaper, for example. The entrepreneur wants the Plantarom experience to be lived through the eyes, the nose and the skin.

La Fabrique Plantarom: the essence of well-being

Sophie was not held back by the Covid. On the contrary, she noticed that people were more eager to take care of themselves. It even launched a new limited quantity subscription concept. “I offer a virtual consultation which then allows me to develop a personalized roll-on applicator for the client. I didn't think it would be so rewarding for me. In fact, I gave myself a gift: the pleasure of encounters and the richness of human exchanges. Long life to La Fabrique Plantarom, which will celebrate its third anniversary in June!

If you want to learn more about this artist, consult his member file .

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