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The art of cocooning: chalet inspiration

L'art du cocooning: inspiration chalet

Not everyone is a “fan” of winter. Either. But rather than fleeing some six months of greyness, storms and cold, why not find what you're looking for? Personally, I find winter and its snow wonderful. Wonderful, yes. My secret? Cocooning. In other words? Stay with us!

Winter is also the time of chalets, skiing and lots of little habits that we invent to make this period softer and warmer. If I can't afford to rent a cabin every winter, I do have the opportunity to recreate the much-loved atmosphere provided by these tender country houses. So I offer you some chalet-inspired ideas.

1. The house

– Blankets everywhere

I am a big lover of textiles! A shawl adorns my bedroom wall, my children have a multitude of cuddly toys in their playroom, I keep my old blanket with holes in it, and a blanket that belonged to my grandmother serves as a throw on the sofa. When I love it, I cover myself with this white wool blanket and everything becomes softer.

– Hello Boho!

I'm a bit of a hippie at heart. My house is therefore decorated in a very soft style, pale and cold colors. On the walls, memories of my grandparents: a shawl here, an old clock there, an antique sideboard here, lace trivets there. I like styles that don't scream, those that soothe: scandinavian, boho , shabby chic. My condo is strongly inspired by it and it makes cocooning more natural. Wood, macramé , white and gray are in my house.

– Comfort above all

At Christmas, I received a hammock from Hammac Urbain (read here a big thank you full of love to the person who gave it to me!), my children, meanwhile, received a teepee from Babilles et Babiole s and a magnificent pouf from Cyan to complete their reading and games corner filled with stuffed animals, comforters and sweets. The goal? Have places to relax all over the house. Not just beds and sofas! Everywhere in the house, we find comfort, near the windows, for well-deserved cocooning on stormy days.

2. Food

– Hot chocolate and other hot drinks

Winter is a great time to warm up with our favorite hot drinks. I love a good homemade hot chocolate that I make on the stove with milk, cocoa and my honey (which I fill at Intermiel ) or maple syrup . I also like good spiced teas. I've been a big fan of Camellia Sinensis ever since my sister-in-law introduced them to me. Obviously, in the morning, nothing like a good coffee to wake me up. My good old Italian machine, faithful for 10 years, prepares me a good cappuccino to which I add my faithful 100% Quebec honey (yes yes, my Intermiel honey again!).

3. The look

– Slippers, woolen stockings.

I am very chilly, so my feet need heat. A classic, gray wool socks ! Or the good old slippers. Our grandmothers' woolen ones have that little something that warms our feet and our hearts.

– Soft clothes and “slow everything”

That's not just for winter. I am an eternal lover of soft clothes! From my bralettes to my leggings to my pajamas that I wear all day long. If you want to recreate the cottage look. Arm yourself with these few items that will make your day smoother.

4. Activities

- Reading

A good book (from Quebec!), music and everything mentioned above.

- Games

What do we do in a cabin? We play family games! It's so much fun, it brings people together (or it creates quarrels…), and above all it creates wonderful memories, well anchored in our memory.

Calm. Calm.

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Whether you are at the chalet or at home, cocooning is an art that is created according to your needs, your tastes, your desires. It's simple, pleasant, it feels good. Lover of "slow tout", I make it my mission to integrate these moments everywhere in my life and that of my family. Allow yourself to stop, breathe and just contemplate time, for a moment.

And you, how do you practice the art of cocooning?

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