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The three essentials to my yoga practice

devi-deva yoga

Summer has finally given way to fall, quietly inviting us to return to the warmth of our homes with our bags of apples, our booties and our pumpkin lattes. The leaves will turn red, then fall off and the days will get shorter. This also means that outdoor exercise sessions after work will be increasingly limited.

For me, this wonderful time of year means the return of yoga, whether in the studio or in the comfort of my living room. Maybe for me it's synonymous with comfort, but I really prefer to practice it when it's cold outside. After having had the chance to try several types of yoga, I can now say that it is a very complete workout for both body and mind. So, whether you are a regular or want to discover this discipline, here are three essential principles to follow to make the most of it.


With the increase in recent years in the popularity of yoga in Quebec, as well as the diversification of types of practice and yoga studios, there is now something for everyone. Whether you want to do hot yoga, SUP yoga or just traditional yoga, the important thing is to respect your limits and know how to enjoy your sessions. Go visit a studio near you where the staff will be able to advise you according to your tastes, your abilities and your goals.

Another aspect of yoga that I've discovered over the years is that it's a great way to stretch and cool down after a hard workout. If you knew the aches that I was able to avoid thanks to a few targeted movements!

In addition, outdoor events are more and more numerous and constitute fabulous experiences! Yoga at the top of a mountain, in the forest or on the water with Pop Spirit and the large meetings of the Lolë White Tour , in particular, are great ways to introduce this discipline to those who are still hesitant.


There is no point in trying to attend a yoga class with uncomfortable clothes: you risk ruining your session by having only that in mind. Personally, I have a weakness for leggings, short or long, which leave plenty of freedom to move. For the top, you have to adapt to the type of yoga and the temperature of the room where you practice it.

I love yoga clothes so much that I incorporated them into my daily ensembles. I also find that our Quebec and Canadian brands really offer a great selection, whether for a sporty or everyday look . It must be said that it has become a real trend. But what better than to wear our yoga clothes to motivate us to do it? The yoga-based lifestyle is definitely anchored in current trends, and we can now transpose our comfort into our daily life in a very subtle way (read here without seeming to come out of a session)!

Legging rose buddha

My Rose Buddha (available at the Signé Local store or on the marketplace )


Yoga definitely forces you to take a break and stop time. With our stressful and always performance-driven lifestyles, yoga is a great option for focusing on yourself, freeing yourself from distractions, and relaxing. The fact remains that we must plan time to practice it, especially if we do it at home and not in the gym. Sometimes it is enough to simply write a note in our agenda to remember it or to have the reflex to make it when we need to decompress.

zafu tattari yoga

Tattari (available at the Signé Local store)

Finally, no matter the place, the moment or the circumstances, let's remember that everything can be summed up in two words: inhale, exhale.


Reviewed by Marie-Eve Patry

Cover: Devi-Deva

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