Lithology, a story of stones


The Lithologie company offers the public a selection of whiskey stones for lovers of amber spirits. Their difference compared to those already on the market? The story. Both that of the stones themselves and the context in which they are worked.

Heritage enhancement

As a child, co-founder Kim B. Deland was already an avid rock collector. A fan of hiking, she has therefore always had a mania for picking up the rocks that she liked on her way. It was after having evolved in the fields of industrial design and jewelry that she decided to develop a product with her famous rocks. She saw in her rocks, ordinary for most people, a potential to be explored to create articles that would allow us to integrate our rich heritage into everyday life.

She picked up several rocks and put out a Facebook call for a knowledgeable geologist to identify the stones. Surprise! A geologist actually answered the call: Stéphane. He then offered to send him the stones so that he could make an in-depth analysis. Kim therefore sent her “rocks” telling herself that she had nothing to lose. Two weeks later, she received a package: her stones were all packed with their test results. That's when she thought, “Wow! I really found someone who has the scientific skills and knowledge that I need.”


Gneiss at Hornblend. "This stone is from when the continent of America was formed."

100% local whiskey stones

Over the following weeks, the two enthusiasts tried to find an effective use for the rocks. As the jewelry market was already very saturated, this option was automatically rejected. Short of ideas, Kim consulted an acquaintance: "What would you like to offer, you, as a corporate gift made of stones?" And lo and behold, the idea was born: whiskey stones. Whiskey stones are useful for those who want a fresh whiskey, but refuse ice cubes which, by melting, dilute the whiskey.

Then follows a series of checks and research to find which stones could be used. Stones had to be selected based on their availability, composition, FDA acceptance, and “look.”

Once their material was selected, it took the two contractors many trials, errors and adjustments. The result? A unique product, entirely made in Quebec with our material and human resources, with respect for the environment. Indeed, as the extraction of their material does not require digging, there is no question here of large machinery and gaping holes in the landscape.

Gabbro litholgoie

Gabbro. “Our selection of gabbro is one of the oldest stones on earth.”

The rest of the story

Their whiskey stones therefore meet the needs of fans of amber spirits, consumers who are conscientious about the environment and the local economy. These stones manage to give value to a common element of our heritage, according to their own characteristics. Some of these stones date from the time when the continent of America was formed as we know it: “strata of history” is obviously a slogan for the occasion!

“We carefully select the stones for their aesthetics, but also for their characteristics specific to the product. In this case, we are betting on Gneiss in Hornblend , Gabbro and Dark Granulite in Hornblend for their greater ability to retain cold than the stones sold as whiskey cubes on the market”, can we read on their website .

Now available on the Signé Local Marketplace and their website , Whiskey Stones are distinguished by their effectiveness, directly linked to their nature. Compared to other similar products on the market, the stones require only 30 minutes of freezing and have an optimal hardness so as not to crumble in the consumer's glass, leaving a fine powder.

The story of Lithology is only at its beginning. With its first edition of stones in December 2016, the company continues its ascent. Their beautiful cases are made of walnut, designed by Kim and entirely designed in Quebec. The stones of our land are effectively highlighted to be found in our homes.

granulite lithologie

Dark granulite at Hornblend. “This stone is from the time of the earth when the America continent was formed.”

Coming soon for Lithologie, the Souk @ Sat market and the EtsyMTL pop-up market. Enjoy!

For more information on this exciting company, visit their member profile !

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