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Lost & Faune: finding nature in jewelry

Lost & Faune

Montreal company resulting from a creative evolution of more than six years, Lost & Faune combines, in a most pleasant marriage, nature and vintage to form charming adornments to wear with pride. All in delicacy, the jewels reconcile eras to create timeless pieces. These same pieces push back the boundaries between urbanity and rurality, bringing flora and fauna back to the heart of our daily lives. Works full of finesse, they are found in this post under the spotlight.

The women behind the company

At the heart of the Lost & Faune business

Christine Bérubé and Michelle Normand, founders of Lost & Faune

Christine and Michelle form a constant entrepreneurial duo, leading the boat in this exciting project. Associated to allow the optimal development of the company, they each work on a specific part of its construction. Christine devotes herself to creation; it is she who imagines, designs and produces the jewelry. Michelle is the team manager. She devotes herself to accounting, marketing, social networking and all other related tasks.

The material embodiment of nature

Nature occupies a central place in creation and manufacture. This is the basis of the conceptual aspect of the company; every piece in the vintage-inspired line is based on this idea. Christine, originally from Baie-Comeau, gives an important place to fauna and flora in the design and production of Lost & Faune products. For the creators, "a forest or a bird gives a feeling of nostalgia and freedom allows you to reconnect with source”. Their jewels allow them to transmit this emotional impulse aroused by the splendor of nature and by bygone eras.

Lost & Wildlife

Building a business

Christine started by creating her own jewelry chain, Christine Bijoux, ten years ago. A few years later, the two women launched Lost & Faune. Like any large-scale project, their company was built through hardship, each difficulty being an opportunity to take on new challenges. It was by testing new strategies and experimenting that they led their business to what it is today. They emphasize that entrepreneurship requires constant attention. For example, you must always be on the lookout for new products. Innovation and renewal are key concepts in the business of entrepreneurship, and as Michelle puts it so well: “You shouldn't sleep on gas! »

Lost & Wildlife

The job of entrepreneur and creator on a daily basis

The two women got into jewelry and entrepreneurship out of passion, somehow achieving “the dream by doing this job every day. ". For Christine, creating her own line of jewelry and making her creations went without saying, manual work constituting for her a kind of therapy. Thanks to a lot of work, the two women have managed to build a clientele that allows them to continue creating every day. For them, this job is full of advantages that push them to invest themselves daily in this beautiful project: “ the freedom to be own boss, to explore creative potential, no external stress or pressure Then, , it's the best job in the world! ".

Lost & Wildlife

Creativity in every little detail

Each jewel is unique and has its own history and construction. Christine, head of creation, embarks on a planetary quest to find pieces and charms that will later become jewelry. Once collected, the rare pearls are transformed in order to modify their shape and appearance. They are then inserted into various rooms to create wonders. Each jewel has its own journey, but is also part of the same signature.

Lost & Wildlife

In short, Lost & Faune is a company built by two hard-working women, Christine and Michelle, who have designed a line of the prettiest and most delicate jewellery. Bringing together nature and vintage, but worn in a modern and urban context, the pieces are to be worn with pride. The company is to be watched in the coming years since it wishes to establish itself in Western Canada, particularly near the Rockies. Entrepreneurs are considering product diversification. Despite hopes of expanding sales outside the border, they want to keep production in Quebec. In any case, Lost & Faune is a company full of authenticity, anchored in a landscape that is unique to it and that makes Quebec shine thanks to its jewels reminiscent of the landscapes that we perhaps too often forget to contemplate.

For more details on the company, visit its member page .

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