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Maison Lenko: linen in its most beautiful light

Maison Lenko

Doing everyday chores like washing up and grocery shopping isn't always fun. We have to find ways to make them more motivating. Marketa Kopal wanted to find home textile products that were pleasant to use. That's why she founded Maison Lenko , a brand of linen textiles for the whole home, useful and durable, two years ago.

Linen, a well-thought-out choice

Marketa is a trained veterinarian. Maison Lenko was born the year she stopped practicing. She has no background in entrepreneurship or textiles, but she has learned a lot about the subject and her passion shows when she talks about it. She wanted to offer a product that, from the beginning of its life cycle to the end, would satisfy her.

House Lenko

Marketa Kopal, founder of Maison Lenko

She therefore chose to work with linen. Linen is one of the most durable natural fibers and is biodegradable at the end of its life. Marketa confessed to me that she was unable to turn a blind eye to how the majority of fabrics are made. You should know that the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries and the most disastrous for the environment. Flax was then the obvious choice according to her since it is a crop that has little or no need for pesticides and herbicides.

European influences

Marketa wanted to select a European flax for its manufacture, since in Canada flax is mainly grown for the seed. When Marketa searched for a supplier in Europe, she found one in her hometown in the Czech Republic, where her textile engineer father once worked. Moreover, Maison Lenko comes from “Len”, which means flax in Czech, and from Ko, for Kopal, his surname. The entrepreneur considers her project a bit like her fourth baby.

Marketa also retains from its origins the ability of Europeans to think according to their lifestyle. Several products existed in the past and are now back in fashion. Just think of mesh bags for groceries. It's far from being the invention of the century since the entrepreneur's grandmother used it a long time ago. For Marketa, innovation involves looking back: what has already been done well and what lessons can be learned from it!

Maison Lenko

Zero waste at the heart of the company

She and her seamstress design the products in such a way that there is no shedding of fabric. Marketa proudly claims that in two years almost nothing has been thrown away. The smaller pieces are kept for stuffing and the larger ones are used for samples. Beyond simply selling her products, the entrepreneur also has a desire to educate people to choose what they really need and to prefer quality objects.

House Lenko

With this in mind, it wants its products to offer as many possibilities as possible. For example, her apron has loops allowing her to wear it as a crossover apron or at the waist as a bistro apron. Marketa doesn't choose to make a piece just out of desire, but rather so that it has multiple uses and is durable.

The importance of human relationships

The local aspect for Marketa starts with interpersonal relationships. She wants to do business with people that it is possible to meet on occasion. The relationship with a client or with a supplier is important to her and must be pleasant. When Marketa spoke to me about her projects, her love of human relations was felt. Indeed, the entrepreneur would like to open a branch in Prague. As the raw material comes from this region, the product, made in Quebec, would be local there as well as here. This corresponds to the values ​​conveyed by the company: you can be anywhere in the world, but respecting the traditions from where you are.

House Lenko

Marketa will soon open a shop-workshop at La Presentation. With Maison Lenko, the entrepreneur wants to bring her color to her agricultural rank where there are only fields and agri-food companies. Stay tuned as the company will be launching a clothing collection soon and if you've seen one of the pieces, you'll want to own one. They are simple, thoughtful and delicate, just like the passionate entrepreneur I met!

For more information about the company, see its member profile .

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