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Local fashion at the service of families, holiday version

La mode locale au service des familles, version des fêtes

This year, I discovered Quebec children's fashion. In fact, I knew it, but I held back from buying it because of the higher prices. However, I realized that too much clothes is like not enough. Too many choices, it drives you a little crazy in the morning when the routine pushes you behind your back. Also, I realized that a $25 upgradeable pair of pants was well worth the 3 $15 non-upgradable pants that I would buy in 2 years… big logic, what! Finally, I decided this year to ask for Quebec clothes as a gift. My kids have so many toys and I'm the killjoy who wants to instill minimalist values ​​in them, so I'm killing two birds with one stone! In short, Christmas is fast approaching and I am in the process of making a small list of Quebec designers to provide to those who would like to offer clothes to my children.


Hello coquetry! My little joy as a mother is to play with dolls with my children. It is said. I have a romantic image of my children's clothing style, according to their personality… and my tastes. First, the fabrics are gorgeous. Second, the skirts are reversible, which means you have two skirts! Which also means you can get it dirty, change sides and reuse it! Finally, you will also find nice unisex pants. I'm already imagining the little black/golden polka dots and white/stars skirt on my daughter for Christmas! Ah! And these beautiful skirts are also available for adults!

You can find their products online , but also in more than 20 stores across Quebec. The designer offers quality clothing and accessories for children, ranging from skirts to trousers and from scarves to bows.


Tippy toes… So cute! Thank you @maheepaiement for the photo?

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I'm not the biggest fan of children's shoes. I'm also not the biggest fan of the very popular soft-soled slippers found in all the shops (you know which ones I'm talking about?!). But…

The urban slipper just made me change my mind. In fact, they created a new need in me! Handmade leather slippers. Do you like the understated style? Opt for the heritage collection. Are you the graphic and color type? Opt for the pure & simple collection. There is something for every taste. You will find them online and in some Quebec stores. For my part, the small Alala slippers! will go very well with the Alice and Simone skirt.


Ecological, recycled, unisex. Thank you good night.

You don't need to have a daughter to play dolls with your baby. You will find beautiful sweaters, pants, bloomers and camisoles in their online store . The prices are reasonable and we encourage an eco-responsible business from home. I have also set my sights on the magnificent sweatshirt with a round neckline for my son. A touch of softness and comfort for Christmas.


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A very sober style and beautiful warm colors for winter. It's the adult style in a mini version, which I really like. The clothes look comfortable and of good quality. You can let yourself be charmed by the boutique workshop in Montreal or visit their online store . You can also find their clothes in several stores across Quebec . The zebra sweater and the striped pants will certainly be welcome in the Christmas sets of my minis.


A look is never complete without accessories! Personally, I love putting headbands on my daughter. She looks like a bobonne with her big headband, as big as she is. Créations Zö offers several and even offers to match them with mom's! Also, Alice and Simone spoil us with trios of elastic loops.

Summer is hats; winter, tuques! There is no good reason not to buy a "made in Quebec" tuque, there are many Quebec companies that make them! Whether it's big woolen toques like those from Petite Laine and Bébé Bottine , or slouchy beany like from Créations Zö, you have something for everyone and every wallet. You can also go practical with Noujica 's tuque/neck warmer!

Finally, for the final touch, a little bow tie for the gentleman. You will find colored ones at Coo-Mon and wool ones at Petite Laine . And for miss, a small scarf from Noujica, HochetGaga or Créations Zö. I let you choose!

In recent years, children's fashion boutiques have proliferated across Quebec. Admittedly, the prices are higher than in big stores, however, you contribute to the local economy by buying “made in Quebec” clothing. In a way, this purchase will benefit you economically. But above all, it is the quality, the comfort and the aesthetics that you are buying. So, make your own list and ask for Quebec clothes for Christmas. As a bonus, no need to experience the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping since all these companies offer online shopping!

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

Photo credit: Alice and Simone

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