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When Vanessa told me about Signé Local, I knew right away that I had to be part of it. This project spoke to me and I felt that I could bring something to it with my pen. I wanted to dive into it head first, alongside my friend. After a small telephone meeting , it was in the pocket! I was very excited about my new job , even too much.

Until the moment when darling decides to shatter my dream: "You're no more Made in China than Made in Quebec , are you?"

Batinsse, he was quite right!

For probably economic reasons, I have always opted for purchases in supermarkets. For a long time, I believed that buying local went hand in hand with a slightly fatter budget than the one I knew at the time. So I had never had the instinct to turn to local products, since they seemed out of reach to me. And I kept this habit.

But it's thanks to Signé Local that everything has changed!

achat local

Local Signed Market - December 2016

I had a good idea of ​​my contribution to the platform. But I was not aware of the influence that this involvement would have on me. It opened my eyes. About the routines that I can change in order to have a better impact on my community.

We often underestimate the consequences that our decisions can have on future generations. Of course, I only want the best for my children, and theirs. If it is possible for me to make a difference, no matter how small, I will take this opportunity.

Because in addition to participating in the local economy, buying local helps to give a little helping hand to the environment. Less transport of goods and overpacking are not a refusal for Mother Nature. It's a think about it!

This new resolution is timely with Christmas coming up! I had a blast browsing the web to spoil those I love. Especially my man and the little one!

If you are not yet convinced, I invite you to take part in certain fairs, local markets or browse on Signé Local . You will find real little treasures there!

What is your relationship with buying local?

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Photo credit: My last favorite local purchase!

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