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Nux sciences: We tried!

Nux sciences: On a essayé!

Life goes by at top speed; this is the observation that comes up regularly in my daily life! When everything jostles in our overloaded schedules, it is often difficult to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. This is where Nux Sciences can become our best ally in order to stay the course.

Nux Sciences is a company focused on the well-being of body and mind, whatever your goal. Probably this name is familiar to you, just as it was to me before testing their products. Either its spokesperson Alex Perron has captured your attention with one of his humorous advertisements, or one of the culinary capsules presented by him, alongside the founder, Jonathan Deschênes, has slipped into your Facebook feed. Otherwise, given the growing popularity of Nux, it is likely that someone close to you is a loyal user.

Let's talk about transparency

For this essay, I tested two of their key products. The Metaboost , offered in capsules, activates the metabolism. It is in fact a group of plant extracts which, as part of an active lifestyle, supports the body, metabolizes fat, but mainly provides you with all the energy you need.

Nux sciences

Credit: Nux sciences

As a supplement, Revive + Vegan is a vegan protein meal replacement. This natural supplement contains four vegetable proteins that provide essential amino acids in addition to being antioxidant, alkaline and promote muscle repair. It is available in regular or vegan version. Most relevant, besides the impressive, transparent and clear ingredient list, is that all of their products are soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and lactose-free. To give you an idea, in the vegan formula, we find, among other things, peas, brown rice, quinoa, hemp, flax seeds and so on.

Credit: Nux sciences

Of course, we are not talking about miracle products here. Like any equivalent product, everything is more effective when combined with healthy eating habits and regular physical exercise.

Let's talk testing

Now let's get to the heart of the matter, the test!

Over a period of 3 weeks, I used the products according to the dosages indicated on the packaging. From the second day, I felt a noticeable energy gain.

As for the protein powder, I tested it in various ways. Whether with frozen fruit, milk or water, the results were conclusive. Most of the time, since I have a fast paced life, I only mixed it with water before leaving for work. The vanilla flavor is present, but pleasant. Personally, I don't particularly like the taste of protein powder in normal times. On the other hand, compared to all the products I have tried, it is, in my humble opinion, the most delicious.

It is also the big winner in terms of texture. Often, this type of product offers a somewhat fibrous and grainy aftertaste that is typically protein-like. My observation is that this product is totally water soluble. The liquid was smooth and light. I'm still impressed! Of course, the result is excellent when mixed with other ingredients to make a smoothie or a smoothie, but I like the idea that you can also simply mix it with water.

As for the capsule, it is more difficult to develop the test. The only way for me to validate its proper functioning is in relation to my general condition. I had no side effects that you would find in a similar product, such as a fatburner. I can confirm that it lives up to its name, as I actually felt like it activated my body's absorption of food and digestion. It seemed to control my appetite by making me hungry more frequently, but for a smaller amount. I didn't experience any of the overactive feelings that can sometimes be present with ingredients like green tea and coffee. In short, only positive!

A winning formula

In short, I appreciated the range of products offered by Nux Sciences and I intend to repeat the experience. I might be tempted by the other flavor of Revive + offered in regular version.

The company relies heavily on the customer experience by listening and offering support to its community via various media (capsules, free consultations, trained points of sale, recipe sheets, etc.), which is very much appreciated. . In the society of overconsumption, the kind of services offered by this company are a great added value.

If you also want to try Nux Sciences products or learn more, you can consult their member profile right here . Otherwise, their products are offered in more than 70 points of sale.

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