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On a essayé - Éco & Éco

Does a Montreal company that uses ecological Canadian ingredients to manufacture body care, bedding and household cleaning products appeal to you?

Éco & Éco was born in 2007 and since then, the company has never stopped renewing itself by creating new products and above all, by introducing us to little-known ingredients of Canadian origin.

When Signé Local offered to test these products, I was slightly skeptical because the majority of “ecological” brands are often not ecological enough for my taste! What was my surprise when I saw the body care products from Éco & Éco. Packaging with lively and attractive colors, perfect textures, and smells of lavender and orange-spruce that charmed my nose. I had just found a new range to introduce into my bathroom!

Here are the results of my tests.

soap nuts

eco&eco soap nuts

What do you eat in winter, soap nuts? For starters, they are literally nuts. Plant-based, unprocessed, biodegradable, fragrance-free, reusable and compostable… Nuts offer multiple benefits! Perfect for environmentally conscious consumers, this product is very affordable and will allow you to wash your clothes with a clear conscience. All the instructions are on the company's website, and I assure you, it's super simple!

Body Lotion – Labrador Tea and Lavender

blue-sunday-promo-local-sign bodylotion-2_1024x1024

The smell is magical. Coming out of the bath, lavender and Labrador tea envelop us in the most relaxing and pleasant way. As for the texture, as I mentioned above, it is perfect! Just liquid enough to spread easily, but thick enough to absorb quickly. As for the properties of the product, lavender is said to help “skin regeneration and healing. Its essential oil is effective against burns, sunburn and nervous eczema in children. For its part, Labrador tea will be quite effective in soothing skin problems in general and improving its elasticity.

Mineral Bath Salt – Black Spruce & Sweet Orange


Heart stroke! While I was a little discouraged by the product (not having a bath like any good Montrealer, it was impossible to try bath salt!) I noticed on the container the following inscription "Under the Shower: Apply to damp skin and gently massage in circular motions. Rinse well with clean water. » A bath salt that can also be used as an exfoliant? What a great idea! Not only do the spruce and orange flavors complement each other perfectly, but the texture is divine. Contrary to what one might think, the grain is very soft on the skin and pleasant to use. Soft and hydrated skin guaranteed! On the other hand, I advise those who shave to exfoliate first, or you will feel a slight burning sensation. Also, for fans of this smell, other products are available in the same range, such as body and hand lotion and shower gel.

Gray Canadian clay


This clay is ideal for making homemade masks! After trying it in the shower, where there was definitely too much water for the clay, I recommend making a smooth paste by mixing two parts clay to one part water before applying and to let it act for a few minutes. I liked it a lot, especially considering its provenance! The skin is fresh and clean and the feeling of dryness is less marked than with several clay masks that I have already tried.

Although the company has been around for 9 years already, it was quite a discovery for me, and this brand has now earned its place in my bathroom!

To learn more, visit their member page !

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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