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We tried: The Runak range of body products


Inspired by the word "runa" which means human in Quechua, Runak transports you to the land of the Incas where vegetable oils have been used for centuries. Maria Sagastegui, the founder, wants to share with you products coming directly from Peru and made for each type of skin. Maria told us all the benefits of her vegetable oils for the skin, which we had the chance to test.

The little story

Maria began to take an interest in natural products in 2011 due to an acne problem. Even before influencers were in fashion, she followed a woman on YouTube who used vegetable oils to care for her skin. Maria tries them as a last resort and within weeks she sees a significant change in her skin. So she decides to take an online herbalism course to expand her knowledge. Of Peruvian origin, Maria knows the benefits of the fruits and plants of her country, but has little knowledge of vegetable oils. Runak was born from her learning about the benefits of using vegetable oils for the skin.

Runak body products

The basis of the products, the oils, come from a rich source in the Amazon rainforest of Peru as well as the mountains. These are the benefits of these Peruvian oils that Maria wishes to share. She has set herself the goal of introducing Quebecers to the history, culture and ingredients of her native land. The local aspect is also very important to her since Maria imports the oils from Peru, but manufactures and sells the product here, in Quebec. Maria describes her business as “an exotic synergy of Quebec with Peru”.

Tips for using oils

The oils found in Runak products are still unknown and it can be difficult to know how to use them. For each type of skin, there is an oil that suits it best. Maria has recently updated her website to include advice on how to use each oil. You can also take a look at this article to know the particularities of the different oils used in Runak products.

There are several misconceptions about oils. We asked Maria to demystify some of them:

  • People with oily skin cannot use oils : FALSE
    It is important to know that for each type of skin there is a type of oil that suits it. Maria had acne-prone and oily skin, but thanks to the oils, she regulated her pH to make her skin look “normal”.
  • Vegetable oils cannot be used directly on the skin : FALSE
    Unlike essential oils which can irritate the skin, vegetable oils can be applied directly to it.
  • Oils should not be used in the summer: FALSE
    Although in summer our skin tends to become more oily with the heat, the oils can be used all year round.

Runak body products

Our impressions of Runak face and body oils

We had the chance to try Runak products. Here are our favorites from the range:.

"Shine" body oil

This product really lives up to its name since when we apply it to our skin, it really glows! It even gives a little tanned complexion to our body. And what about the smell! If you like citrus fruits, you will be delighted. This oil is really a must to give a boost to your skin. Moreover, Runak offers many sun products such as a tan extender balm. It helps reduce sunburn, brighten the complexion and it's super affordable!

The moisturizing serum with exotic oils

Its texture is really light and the oil does not leave the skin oily. Applied before the day cream, the serum leaves a glow all day long, you don't even need to put on makeup.

Quinoa and Maras salt scrub

The texture of this scrub is super pleasant with the quinoa which gently exfoliates the skin. Once applied, the sensation is amazing! It leaves the skin extremely soft, so much so that you don't need to apply body cream afterwards. The smell is very subtle and sweet.

Maria is of the opinion that human beings need to regain the health of their skin with the ingredients of the Earth . What stands out with Runak products is the richness of oils used in manufacturing. They all have their particularity and are very rich in active antioxidants.

To learn more about Runak or to get the products, consult its member profile.

Reviewed by Remy-Pierre

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