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I don't know about you, but I LOVE trying products that are still unknown to me. Recently, I had the opportunity to test OCNI products. I had already heard about it from people in my entourage, but I had not had the chance to push my research further. The only thing I remembered was the acronym.

No need to specify how excited I was to receive my Unidentified Edible Objects . Nadia, the head of development in Canada and one of the co-founders, sent me both types of boxes. The first box (3 flavors) included the following seasonings: lemon and salt, chilli and garlic as well as tamari and porcini soy sauce. The second box (1 flavor) included the basil one. In short, everything to pique my curiosity!

Revolutionize your plate

The concept is quite simple. Using the pencil sharpener included in the box, you cut your shavings of condiments which are used to season your meals. My first impression can be described in two words: innovative and original. It's hard to imagine how many hours of research and development go into its sharpening pencils that taste like heaven. One thing is certain, the result is on point. The trio of founders, Benoit, Nadia and Tristan, can call themselves mission accomplished, the revolution is underway. Especially since to my knowledge, no equivalent product is available. Well beyond the attractive presentation in the transparent vials, we are offered unique products. They are gluten-free, made from organic and natural products using an artisanal recipe.

Flavors, many flavors

chilli and garlic

Upon receipt of my edible objects, I had to test at least one at dinner time, it was non-negotiable. As pasta was on the menu, I relied on the pairing recommendations on the box and opted for the chilli and garlic pencil. Besides pasta, we were suggested to use it on pizza and grilled meat. Both me and my spouse really appreciated the flavors that went with our dish. We tasted garlic very well; and what about the little spicy side that added spice.

Out of all the flavors I tried, I raised only one negative point, and it concerned this flavor. The consistency of the pencil was different on this one than on the others. This meant that we had to be more meticulous when cutting it so as not to damage it. On the other hand, it is definitely our favorite flavor. We would not deprive ourselves of it, despite this small inconvenience.

lemon and salt

Later in my week, I had the chance to test the lemon and salt seasoning on a salmon fillet. Wow , simply! The dosage between the two ingredients was perfect! Alternatively, you could add a few shavings to a salad, steamed vegetables or tartare. PSST , between us, I enjoyed it so much that I dared to sprinkle some shavings on a bowl of plain popcorn . The combination was bursting and tasty. I would do it again, to be honest!

Tamari and porcini soy sauce

At first I wasn't sure what to use this flavor with. Looking at the box, I surprised myself not to have thought of it… Sushi, it was so simple though! I really enjoyed the combination of flavors. It was a much more sophisticated and refined arrangement than the simple traditional soy sauce. I also tried on basmati rice and in my wok stir-fries. The results were stunning.


My tests ended with a flavor that I would describe as more passe-partout ”. So I shortened my reflection with this pencil! Wherever I would normally use this fresh herb, I would replace it with shavings: in a bruschetta mix, an Italian salad or a quick pasta dish. In the future, I would even allow myself to drop a few shavings on a strawberry sorbet! Of course, if I compare to the three other compositions offered, the latter is a little more simplistic.

In conclusion, I have repeatedly used all the flavors offered and this, on a wide range of dishes. No combination has displeased me so far. Although I have a crush on one flavor in particular, I really appreciated the others offered. Let's just say the fight for the top spot was tight. As a bonus, we can bring our sticks everywhere, camping, at the cottage, etc. and no risk of mess. Whether it's to give yourself a gift or impress your guests as the holidays approach, opt for OCNI , it's a guaranteed success!

You can also get the 3 flavors box here !

OCNI - Piment et ail sur soupe

Photo credit: OCNI

Reviewed by Maud Duchesne

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