Organize a child's birthday party with a local flavor

Organiser un anniversaire d'enfant à saveur locale

Organizing a children's birthday can be a real headache, especially when you want to add a local touch.

We have gathered for you the best ideas of products made in Quebec to make your special day even more memorable. Discover how to add a local touch to your birthday party with our selection of products and original ideas.

Whether you're looking for gifts, decorations or activities for children, we have everything you need to throw an unforgettable party. Our selection includes artisanal products, educational games, confectionery, food products and much more, all made with care by Quebec artisans and producers.

The reception

The success of a birthday goes through a neat and festive reception. Whether you are a fan of minimalism or prefer a more extravagant decor, the choice of decorative elements is essential to create a memorable atmosphere.

For my part, I prefer discreet but well-chosen decorative elements, because they allow you to create a warm and friendly atmosphere without overdoing it. Balloons, garlands, pennants and personalized posters are popular choices for a successful birthday party.

Whether you prefer a specific theme or a more general decoration, there are plenty of options to add a local touch to your reception.

Cereal candle + SOJA & CO milk

Candles are a must in my house. They create a warm atmosphere, while projecting an intoxicating smell. Nothing better than a smell of cereal and milk for a little childish touch.

Cereal candle + milk, SOJA&CO

Kit to assemble from Sofs

Have you opted for a themed party? Sofs offers many kits to assemble that will make wonderful decorations to celebrate your little one's birthday: dinosaur, giraffe, flamingo, sloth, hazelnuts, mushrooms, cactus, etc. Why not give it to him in advance and then integrate it into the decoration?

Softs Designs

Allwood factory presentation board

When preparing for a birthday, you have to think about all the details. Without forgetting those concerning the setting up of the table. For an assembly worthy of mention, consider using original presentation boards.

Presentation Board, AllWood Factory

The food

I personally find that the perfect time to receive guests is at dinner time. A table overflowing with dishes prepared with care is unifying. Everyone takes the opportunity to chat, plates in hand. It's also an acceptable time to raise a glass (or two) to mark the event.

Minot cider house apple must

A birthday is the perfect time to release the bubbles (without alcohol)! So take the opportunity to toast with Made in Quebec .

Apple enclosure, Minot cider house

Spiced caramel dessert preparation made with parsnip puree by Bela Peko

The dessert table is a necessity at a children's party. Small bites made from parsnip puree will satisfy sweet tooths, while allowing little ones (and grown-ups!) to let go of the comings and goings.


Who says birthday, also says birthday present. It is often difficult to find THE gift that will charm the child (and the parents). Ideas come from just about anywhere, but are not always very judicious. And, let's face it, inspiration is lacking when it comes to providing guests with choices.

Plush Papoum Papoum

A soft toy is the perfect gift for a child. They are so pretty that they can even be used as decoration for the bedroom!

Plush Papoum Papoum

Face4 Games Kiddi Game

A fun game that will dig the brains of our little ones. A series of cataclysms has created a mess in the Land of Words. The goal? Restore order despite the new disasters that could happen. In order to complete the mission, each player must succeed in ordering all their cards. The first adventurer who no longer has a card in hand will have restored order to the land of words. In turn, the adventurers must create a link of idea with the last card played using the magic formula " Kiddi ( last card played) says (card to play) because (logical link between the 2 cards ). A game which will amuse young and old alike!

Face 4 Games Kiddi Game

CrochetMilie ankle boots

Warm little feet, in the softest wool there is!

Boots, CrochetMilie

The little kit

I have a blast picking out what outfit my son will wear on his birthday. Clothes that he will be comfortable in and that will bring a little wow for his special day. Quality and durability are key when shopping.

Baby Fafa's Children's Cardigan

Colors and cuts that will delight young and old. This cardigan is ideal for little ones up to 2 years old!

Cardigan, Baby Fafa

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