Organize a memorable night in a winter refuge

Organiser une nuitée mémorable en refuge l’hiver

Waking up in the heart of nature in a place accessible only on foot is a memorable experience. It's the perfect time to get away from everyday life and reconnect with yourself and the people who accompany you, without a network. Quebec is full of magnificent places to discover in the winter season: the Diable Vert, Mont Gosford, the Vallée du Bras du Nord and the Parc des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie to name a few. . The Nomade Magazine website is full of ideas for places to visit.

The long winter hike requires preparation. The weather can surprise us and change quickly. This is why forecasting is key. If you are preparing your first hike of more than one day, we strongly urge you to inform yourself about the adequate preparation for such an expedition. Equipment, clothing, hydration, the length and incline of the trail, and the weather are not to be taken lightly. Find out.

Trip to a Quebec shelter


It is important to note that most refuges have no electricity or running water. A wood stove is available for warming up and cooking. The waste must however be brought back on the way back in order to be disposed of properly at the reception. SÉPAQ parks have mattresses for the night, but otherwise you will need to provide one.

Find here our advice to make your stay in a refuge a success.

keep warm

The shelter will most likely be equipped with a wood stove, which should keep you warm. Plan comfortable clothes for the evening that you can put on as soon as you return from the hike and that will serve as your pajamas. The Chandail de Loup wool socks will keep your feet warm! For the night, a 0 ° C sleeping bag should be warm enough. A toque and a neck warmer may be necessary in colder weather.


Access to a shower and running water will be limited. A dry toilet is normally located near the refuges (don't forget a headlamp and toilet paper!).

In order to cool off after the hike, plan a reusable wet wipe to roughly clean your face and body.



A skin reddened by the cold also deserves good hydration, plan a rich moisturizing cream like that of SAVAN to soothe it. Anokian 's sports trio consisting of a sore muscle balm and a lip and cheek balm will probably become your best friend to protect you from the outside elements in cold weather.



In terms of oral hygiene, Willow & Finniganteeth cleaning tablets do not take up a lot of space in a bag.

Willow & Finigan

Willow & Finnigan

Lavender essential oil from Savonnerie des Diligences is also an ally of choice when it comes time to sleep away from home. Place a few drops on the sleeping pad or in your sleeping bag to repel dust mites and promote peaceful sleep.

lavender essential oil

Stagecoach soap factory

The atmosphere

As it is very likely that your refuge will not have electricity, plan lanterns that you can install everywhere to light up the room while creating a magical atmosphere.


The minimalism wooden speaker from Us & Coutumes does not take up space in a bag and will allow you to play your favorite songs in the evening.

Habits & customs

Habits & customs

Also remember to bring a deck of cards or dice.



Going out to a shelter is not synonymous with sandwiches and dehydrated food. It is easily possible to concoct a good meal without breaking your head too much. Several shelters provide pots for cooking. Spaghetti, risotto, chickpea curry… The possibilities are endless!



For lunch, Camellia Sinensis teas are perfect for warming up after a good night's sleep. Toast and oatmeal are also easy to prepare before hitting the road.

For hydration, Maple 3 maple water contains electrolytes as well as many minerals. With its slightly sweet taste, it is an excellent alternative to plain water.

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Tell us, where will your next hike be this winter?

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