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Planette, ecological products for the home

Planette, des produits écologiques pour la maison

An uncertain start

The story of the beginnings of Planete is not an ordinary one. It begins when Myriam's aunt, owner, suffers from breast cancer and when traditional medicine no longer seems to be effective. His aunt then decides to find out about other means likely to help him through this ordeal. “She shared her reading with us, her questions,” Myriam tells me, as she explains to me how curious this openness to other knowledge has made her. It was when her aunt asked her if she was aware of everything she was exposing her family to that questioning really became a process for her.

While cleaning, she decided to look at the ingredients in her commercial all-purpose cleanser and learn about them: she couldn't keep using them. “I went to a workshop on making household products given by Coop Coco with my mother. That was the starting point that led to two years of recipe research and refinement.” The mother-daughter duo therefore proceeded by trial and error in order to find the perfect recipe, the one that would one day become the company's flagship products.

Planet, ecological products

Myriam and Ginette, credit: Stephotographie

Marseille soap

That was the biggest challenge: finding THE recipe. It was while chatting with an intern at her work that Myriam learned of the existence of Savon de Marseille , popular in Europe and little known in America. Thus doubling the effectiveness of their household products, the creators used the know-how of yesteryear, drawn from the books of the farmers, and paired it with Savon de Marseille. Known to be a good antifungal as well as an effective antiseptic, this soap is also hypoallergenic. There then remained the question of essential oils: which ones to use? You will be happy to know that each essential oil is used in Planette products according to its household properties. You can find mint and melon products in the shop… a pleasure for our senses.

The snowball effect

One thing leading to another, people started to take an interest in Planete. "That's when I said to myself that we might have something super interesting that meets a need," she told me, while telling me about their victory at the Défi Ose Entreprendre de Laval, the last year. Open only since September 2016, their shop is creating a real craze, just like their shop on the Etsy platform, open since November. Convinced that their success is not due to chance, Myriam is certain that her aunt had something to do with it: “She works as hard on the other side as we do here”.

A major mission

Passionate about their products and their vocation, the women of Planette mainly aim to leave an ecological and social legacy. With their zero waste workshop, their natural products, the choice of suppliers – they even use essential oil from recycled trees! –, but above all through their message, they want to trigger a dialogue and lead people to question themselves in order to understand the products they consume. “Every little gesture can make a difference. The important thing is to do it”.

Planet, ecological products

credit: stepphotography

A coherent sequel

The future is looking good for the company, which is now at the stage of recruiting employees. A doctoral student in occupational therapy, Myriam thought of making Planette both an ecological and a social project: she is therefore working hard to participate in the social reintegration of people with disabilities or with special challenges and to welcome them to the within the company. Having just recently added the All-Purpose Kids Cleanser that stands out with its sweet smell, the company is on a roll. “We are a bit of a victim of our success. But it's a nice problem! she added in a jovial tone. One thing is certain, the company's household products are enough to make many people go green.

For more information on Planette ecological products, I invite you to visit their member page .

Cover: Stephotography

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